To change the body, you must first change the mind! A true transformation starts by knowing there will be hardships and preparing yourself to overcome them. Our expert trainers are not only well equipped with creative workouts, but ready to coach you through all of the ups and downs that come with life. During our Burn Boot Camp “Focus Meetings,” you’ll be able to get personal with your trainer and address the obstacles that have hindered your personal growth in the past. Become a better all around person by strengthening your mind before strengthening your body.

You can’t out-train your diet! Whole food nutrition will help you build health from the inside out. Your results are a by-product of a healthy mind, and healthy diet. During your “optionally mandatory” focus meetings, we give you customized nutrition and meal planning recommendations that fit your lifestyle. There are no cookie cutter meal plan recommendations at Burn. As a very results-oriented program, we will help you balance your nutrition habits to make eating healthy and feeling great realistic and achievable.

The best way on the Planet to burn body fat is known as Burst Training. These high intensity intervals will leave your body eating away at fat cells for up to 72 hours after their completion. This is called the, “metabolic effect” and is a scientific approach to getting you lean, toned, and athletic in no time. Forget boring treadmills and rowing machines. Your body is the most unique piece of equipment you own, and we will use it wisely! These efficient and effective “bursts” will have you looking at cardio in new light, you haven’t experienced “fat burn” until you’ve consistently trained Burn Boot Camp Burst Style!

Building lean muscle through hypertrophic strength training allows your body to burn more calories at rest, shape your physique, and ultimately keep that unwanted body fat off! Burn’s outside-the-box strength training protocols focus on empowering you to complete the most common desired performance goals. Push up goals? No problem. Pull up goals? Let’s do it. Squat dreams? All day. You are already stronger than you think you are, and at Burn our community of women will strive towards exceeding what you’ve ever thought possible!

We stand strong, we stand together, we are the women of Burn. Our Burn women are a group of like-minded people who go through similar ups and downs of life. Our positive, encouraging, and motivating environment is a breeding ground for success and confidence. There are no judgments, no negativity, and no stopping you from being successful. Burn creates lasting friendships that ultimately create incredible accountability, which leads to results. In a community where achieving your results are inevitable, you will have a lot of fun working out in a motivating, positive, and energetic atmosphere.