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Powering Through Adversity and Overcoming Hardships

November 22, 2021

With Burn family members & Franchise Partners Becky Patterson, Bambi Morris Gantt, Maggie Browning, Amy Passarella, and Teryl Greist

Failures make us rethink, reconsider, and find new ways and strategies to achieve our goals. The resilient path can often put us in a position of power in the end. Our Franchise Partner family is made up of a unique and incredible group of people who come from all walks of life. No two paths are the same that led these individuals to where they are. Getting a peek into their stories, hardships and all, humanizes what it means to be a powerful business owner.

Check out their interviews with COO Morgan Kline on the Coffee & Kettlebells podcast – you’ll find the episodes below!

Becky Patterson & Bambi Morris Gantt – A Raw & Unfiltered Conversation on Favorite Failures, Overcoming Hardships, Leaning Into Your Faith, and How To Create the Career & Life You Want

Becky and Bambi had a vulnerable conversation with Morgan where they really opened up about fighting through the pandemic and their favorite failures that have led to incredible outcomes and lessons. All three women share what it means to them to be a leader within an organization that is 90% female-owned. They also cover shifting/sharing identities as Working Mom and Business Owner, tips to win in a male-dominated industry, what keeps them up at night, and how they encourage others. These successful women break down creative ways your business can thrive in the current market and the best advice they’ve ever received. 

Growing a Business as a Mom and Using Failures to Our Advantage With Multi Unit Franchise Partner Amy Passarella

Morgan sits down with one of our Burn family members, Amy Passarella, today and their conversation covers all of the ‘working mom’ bases. They share their journeys and life hacks for how to grow a business as Moms of three, owning multiple locations, working with your significant other, their favorite failures in life, and what they have learned along the way.

Ironman Triathlete, Multi-Unit Franchise Partner and Mom of 2 Maggie Browning on Empowering Women To Lead Their Families, Live Their Healthiest Lives & Achieve Beyond What Seems Possible

Maggie Browning, Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partner (Burn Boot Camp Fishers, IN and Zionsville, IN), joins Morgan on the podcast. Maggie was a busy mom, wrangling 2 daughters and a corporate job when she found Burn Boot Camp. Maggie started as a member, got her CPT, and then decided to become a multi-unit Franchise Partner! The combination of an entrepreneurial spirit that was instilled in Maggie thanks to her family’s culture & a go-getter’s attitude from her life growing up as an athlete, she shares how she started, where she is going and the amazing goals she is crushing along the way! HINT: She’s completing an IRONMAN! Maggie and Morgan discuss motherhood, tough times, great times, life as a business owner, why she decided to open a Burn Boot Camp, and the idea that “it will be better than you’ve ever imagined if you can just get through it.” 

Nicu Mom and Multi-Unit Franchise Partner Teryl Greist on Having a Positive Mindset, Trusting Your People, and Overcoming Hardships

Teryl is a Multi-unit franchise partner in Kentucky and Ohio, alongside her soon-to-be husband Tom. They currently own 5 locations. She has 2 children; one of which who has had to overcome extreme circumstances. Her daughter was born prematurely and is now a healthy, thriving junior in high school! Teryl is an OG Burn Member who has been a part of the family since the parking lot days. She is a member, turned franchise partner, turned multi-unit franchise partner who gets to impact five communities.

Teryl’s family is at the heart of everything she does and an integral part of her story. Teryl delivered her daughter at 27 weeks, who weighed just 1lb 7oz.  She shares her NICU journey and what that experience has propelled her to do with her life. She has been called to help others in similar situations and get involved with charities and foundations to serve others!


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