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Prevent Injuries LIVE from St. Petersburg

June 27, 2016

Preventing Injuries Using These Moves

Injuries can be sneaky and attack in those weak moments where you begin to slack on form or get tired in the end of a workout. All of these weak moments begin and end with the core. Most injuries can be prevented by taking the time to work on proper form and strengthening the core. With that being said, all muscle groups need some equal TLC to decrease the risk of injury.

Luckily, David and Chantal, trainers at Burn Boot Camp St. Petersburg, Florida, show us moves that we use all of the time in our camps to ensure that our clients prevent injury and perform at their greatest. Many of these injuries are commonly found amongst women. These moves can help aid soreness, create more stability and help explosiveness in all Burn Boot Camp workouts, along with prevent injury.

The Moves


Bent Leg Raise (Targets Abs)

Side Bridge

Back Bridge (with Leg Raise)



Bent Leg Raise (Targets Glutes)

Lateral Leg Raise

Medial Leg Raise

Single Leg Tucks


Single Leg Over

T Raise, W Raise (Shoulders)

Always make sure to consult your trainer if you have an injury or want more moves to prevent injury.

Tune in to Burn TV Live to learn more.



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