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Project 90

Be Kind

May 31, 2017

May 12

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” –Plato

I hope you’ll indulge me while I share a post that has nothing to do with my journey, but one that might touch someone in their personal journey. Yesterday, the mayor of my city committed suicide. His name was Rudy Wright and he had served as the city of Hickory mayor for 16 years. I had the pleasure of working with him in various positions I’ve held in the community and have to tell you that I never, ever, ever saw that man without a HUGE smile on his face. Even if I hadn’t seen him in years, he always greeted me by name and would give me a great big hello. It saddens me, and many, many others in my community, that his personal demons were too much for him to handle.

Depression is something that can get so stigmatized, that a person may not have the strength to reach out for assistance or is too embarrassed to say, “I need to talk to someone.” Our ‘public’ face and our ‘private’ face can often times be very different.

Exercise is definitely something that has not only physical benefits but mental ones as well, especially if you are in a supportive environment. If this message resonates with you please know you are never alone and there are resources. And if you are in a stable place right now, remember that your words and encouragement just might be what someone else needs to turn their whole day around!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255


May 14

“Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.” –Tia Sparkles Singh

Thankful that this Mother’s Day was bright and sunny! Enjoyed an afternoon walk with the dogs and giving my body a little rest from camps.

Project 90 Dog Walk

May 15

Don’t forget, you are what you eat. I need to eat a skinny person…”

Last week I wrote how difficult my second week had been, and without minimizing how hard it truly was I think I may have figured out at least one small reason why I was thrown for such a radical loop. Plain and simple, I changed my coffee last week and I think there was such an increase in my caffeine intake that it affected my workout and my heart rate. I switched back to another brand and reduced the amount over the past few days and saw a bit of a difference in how my body reacts during the workout.

Further verification that what you put in your body, especially when doing strenuous camps, really can make a difference! Of course my other beverage of choice is water, lots and lots and LOTS of water; so much water that I have to think back to my pregnancy days when I knew where every bathroom was in every store I might possibly go into!

Project 90 Water

May 16

Don’t wish for it – work for it!

Woohoo! Had my second focus meeting today and I am pleased to say that I am down three pounds but, more importantly, I dropped 3.5% body fat! Also had a great conversation with the trainer about strategizes to increase my daily calories and ideas for exercise while I’m away from Burn Boot Camp over the weekend for my daughter’s college graduation.

Project 90 Body Fat

May 18

“Take care of your body; It’s the only place you have to live.” –Jim Rohn

I wasn’t able to get to a camp today so I ventured out to walk at a community track. As I approached the track I realized I was going to intersect with an older woman walking laps. I figured I would say hello and then with my nimble speed I would forge ahead and be on my way. Let me tell you, this woman not only stayed up with me but I had to hustle to keep up with her! Thirty minutes of walking later I learned her name was Helen, she is 80 years old and she has walked virtually everyday for the past 30 years! What an inspiration!

We are all given only one body to get us through life and how we treat it will determine the quality of life we will enjoy into our golden years. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that taking care of my body has not been a priority at various times of my life, but it is something that I truly see the importance of now and I need to stay committed to getting stronger and healthier. I want to be that grandma that has enough energy to run around with my grandkids, being silly and crazy and making awesome memories together. That vision is several years down the road, so I better keep up my Burn journey and stay in tiptop shape.

So to my new friend Helen I say, Thanks for the inspiration and Rock On!


Maggie is learning so much on her journey, and her transformation is clearly external AND internal! We are so thankful that she is participating, and we know these 90 days are going to change her life. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay updated as she continues on this adventure with Burn!

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