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Reach Your Goals with Burn On Demand

March 11, 2024

Have you ever been so close to reaching your streak goal in the Keep Moving Club, but you couldn’t make it to Camp and had to start over? Or have you ever been out of town and had extreme FOMO seeing your friends post their workout from the Floating Floor?

Work out from the comfort of your home, on vacation, or on the go with Burn On Demand. The Burn Boot Camp App features 14+ categories that will keep you moving and help you hit every goal you’re working toward. Improve your form with Form University. Share your love of Burn and get your entire family involved through categories like Partner Workouts and Kids Camp. Fit a workout into your busy schedule with Quick Camps. Recover from Camp with our yoga category, Motion or Recovery content like foam rolling or stretching. The list of fun and challenging workouts goes on.

Train harder and smarter with Burn On Demand, whenever and wherever you are. Break boundaries and redefine what strength and confidence look like. Our app brings the transformative workouts and supportive community of our brick-and-mortar locations so you can Burn at home, or on the go, on your own time. Whether you’re waiting for your neighborhood Burn to open its doors, or you just moved away and miss going to Camp, you can join and access 360+ Burn Boot Camp workouts right at your fingertips.

Join Burn On Demand or start your 7-day free trial on the Burn Boot Camp app today.

View the full list of categories below:

Burn Boot Camp Live

Feel encouraged. Feel connected. Join Burn Boot Camp Live at 9:00 AM EST Monday through Friday with Master Trainer Matt Morris and team. You’ll get our signature 45-minute workout with a different protocol each day, so you’ll never do the same workout twice, you’ll never get bored, and your body is constantly challenged.

Quick Camps

Packed schedule? These concentrated workouts are the perfect answer when you’re short on time. We’ll get you in and out with a 25-minute or less short and spicy Quick Camp.


It’s a battle of epic proportions. Go head-to-head with some of the toughest Trainers in Burn Nation with VERSUS. It’s you vs. them to see who comes out on top. Take Versus consistently (…turn the Trainer down and the music UP) to see how strong you’re getting. Progression, results, and bragging rights are the prizes in this ultimate challenge.

Core & Pelvic Floor

Do Double Unders send you running to the bathroom? We get it! Kegels are great, but did you know there are other important ways to protect and strengthen your pelvic floor during exercises you usually see in Camp? Join Dr. Amanda Fisher, PT, DPT, Founder & CEO of Empower Your Pelvis, to learn how to stabilize what could be your weakest link.

Form University

Want to know how to get the most out of that RDL, shoulder press, or even a bicep curl? Little changes yield big results, and with the subtle adjustments you’ll learn in Burn Boot Camp’s Form University, you’ll see results faster, stay safer, and get a bigger return on your time investment.

Super Finishers

The name says it all! For those who want to leave it all on the mat, get ready for the ultimate test of your strength, endurance, and willpower. Super Finishes are a collection of the hardest five-minute finishers in Burn history. Add these to the end of your workout and watch your results skyrocket.


Knockout your fitness goals with these 15-20-minute workouts with the best of Burn Boot Camp moves + kickboxing. Jump in the ring and add some extra fire to your Camp.

Burst Training

Take these short, 15-17-minute workouts to reap the benefits of a quick, intense exercise burst, or if you’re tight on time and need to get your body moving. These workouts with Devan Kline have modifications up and down, meeting you where you are.

Partner Workouts

Better. Together. Grab your significant other, Burn bestie, or family member and inspire each other, hitting these 15-minute Camps to increase strength, endurance, and connection. Those who sweat together stay together!

Kids Camp

The secret to keeping your little champs active and energized. Setting a positive example for kids about the importance of movement is a part of our mission, so grab the fam and join Morgan Kline and her superhero sidekicks for these 15-minute power-packed workouts, carefully designed for maximum fun for ages 5-12.

Athlete Games

There’s an athlete in every body. See if you’ve got what it takes to be an Athlete Games Champion with our Athlete Games Workouts! Each 10-minute video has workouts from the previous years’ games that will test your strength and endurance. Are you ready to train like an athlete? Let’s go!


Improve your core strength, posture, flexibility, sleep, focus, balance…should we go on? If you’re someone who needs yoga in your life, join Jerimiah Wofford, RYT, and other beginner and seasoned yogis to flow and breathe in 30 and 45-minute power yoga sessions. Your mind and body thank you in advance.  

Recovery: Stretching

Serious about Camp? Get serious about recovery. Add these 10-minute dynamic stretching videos to your routine before or after Camp to decrease next-day soreness, improve mobility, increase range of motion, and reduce the risk of injury so that you can train harder, longer.

Recovery: Foam Rolling

A much-needed massage for your connective tissue after a tough Camp. Foam rolling can help reduce muscle pain and stiffness and can improve your performance in future workouts. Join Angie Munch and roll your way to soft tissue release and improved flexibility.

Get ready to uncover new strengths and hit PRs you never thought were possible. Subscribe to Burn On Demand through the Burn Boot Camp app, or start your 7-day free trial today.

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