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December 29, 2021

With Franchise Partner Amy Ngov

During this season we reflect on the year past and what the next year will look like. We set goals and determine how we can become the best versions of ourselves. Amy’s journey to find Burn Boot Camp is a unique but familiar one. She was a Mom who didn’t make time for herself, and poured everything possible into her 5 children. After a friend gifted her a voucher to join for one month, Amy knew they were onto something special after just one 45-minute camp. She decided to Rise up and change her life for not only her family, but for herself. Amy shares her journey with us and dives deep into why she chose Burn Boot Camp. 

“I’m a Mom of 5 kids. My husband and I have two (biological)  kids, and we adopted three daughters after they had been neglected by a member of our family. We are now a PROUD family of SEVEN! Rewind to 5 years ago, when the family grew almost overnight. I was still a new Mom, and I was toggling two young ones and three older ones – balance isn’t something that exists for me. Enter: Burn Boot Camp. My friend invited me to join and I will be indebted to her forever for it.” –Amy Ngov

Why Burn?

“So it’s not just about our members and the people in our gym. It’s about the community. If school students need school supplies, we’re the first ones to reach out to our network to collect supplies to go to those students. Burn is not just about us, it’s about everyone. It’s about the community. It’s about even as a mom, it’s about setting an example, our kids are always watching. You never know who you’re inspiring. So be strong. That generation will follow our lead in the future. They know that working out will benefit them and their health and they’re going to pass that down to their children.”

What does it mean for you to set an example for your teen girls?

“I take so much pride and responsibility in it. I want my kids to be confident. And strong. I want them to know that even if Mom isn’t around, they are still capable of being strong. Taking care of yourself is really important. We can always make money, but they only have one opportunity at this life and it’s about so much more than working. You’ve got to make the time. If you don’t take the time to work out, or cook dinner for your family, or prioritize your health, then you’re not going to do it. If it’s not your priority, it’s not going to happen.”

What’s one word that Burn has eliminated from your vocabulary?

“Can’t. I now always say that I believe in myself. In the past, I didn’t know that. I would say ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘I can’t go’ or ‘I can’t, I don’t have the time’. Can’t is a dangerous word. Why not say ‘why not?’ instead?” 

Amy goes on to describe her journey from first camp to ownership: “I didn’t believe in myself when I was too cheap to buy a voucher to go to my first camp. Fast forward a month later and I was ready to be a Franchise Partner!”

What do you want other women to know about Burn?

“Burn is more than just a gym. We are a family. Cheesy but true. We’re a community. An outlet. We give Moms a break from baby talk. We give teachers and nurses opportunities to fill up their cups so they can pour into others. What I always say to those afraid to try it is: what happens if you DON’T do it? If you never try anything new, how will you know if you like it?”

What do you want to go back in time and tell the person who underestimated you?

“Look at me now. I’m proud of myself. By you telling me I couldn’t, I could. I showed up every day and did what I love. I’m stronger. I stayed. I hustled. I stayed humble. I don’t want to say I told you so but…I would like to say I told you so. And thank you. Thank you for making me stronger by underestimating me.”

What do you take off the floating floor into the rest of your life?

“High fives! It’s such a big thing to me. I want to stick my arm out the window in the carpool line and give a high five to every parent I see. When you give a strong high five, you’re transferring power to the other person. You’re making them stronger. You’re saying ‘here, take some power and go on with your day, and conquer the world.”

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