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Sasha Collam Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story

March 2, 2015

Sasha Collam Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story. This busy mom finally made time for herself and fitness a priority and has never felt better.  With over 30 pounds lost and tons of newfound energy she is a true believe in trainer Devan Kline and BBC!

Read the Sasha Collam Burn Bootcamp Huntersville Weight Loss Story in her own words!

“As a mom of 2 kids with a full time corporate traveling job and an active member in the social circles, I

had my plate full.  The travelling job brought its own bad eating habits.  I had developed a sizable and constant paunch, started having knee and back pains and was in a constantly irritable mood as I felt that I just couldn’t keep pace with the kids and life in general.

Being an Indian, we love our food.  I never believed in diets or 30 day meal programs.  My disdain also ran for any kind of gym memberships because I felt that at the end of the day, it is a matter of remaining motivated.  It somehow didn’t feel right…till I found out about BBC and its committed set of trainers.

What a ride it has been for these past 1.5 years!  It has changed my looks, my eating habits, my sleeping pattern, my way of working, my energy levels, my thought process, my attitude….in short, my life!  I’ve lost 30+ lbs, gained lean muscle, dropped 2 dress sizes, run my 1st 5k and also my first half marathon!

There’s nothing like an early morning BBC workout to give that rush of adrenaline and strength to breeze thru the day and still stay energetic to play with the kids after a hard day’s work.  I remember telling Devan at the beginning that I will consider this program a success if a week goes by and nobody comments on my “pregnant condition”. Guess what? All I’ve gotten are compliments on my “Oh-so-young” looks! Success :)”


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