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Secrets From Lance Armstrong’s Trainer

May 25, 2012

Good Evening!

Morgan and I are on 30,000 feet in the sky right now flying to Florida for Memorial Day weekend. We have spent much of our flight doing more research on the nutritional company we just partnered with, Shaklee. Something B.I.G. is coming up in the next month with Fit Moms Forever, Burn Boot Camp, and Shaklee.

I recently spent a significant amount of time with an Olympic doctor who was part of Lance Armstrong’s team when he won his 3rd and 4th Tour De France.  Dr. Jeff who is a former Olympian himself, has trained some of the world’s top athletes in the last decade. I wanted to share with you his philosophy. (Paraphrased)

When speaking about Lance Armstrong…

“The mental toughness he possessed was like few he has ever seen. The top athletes are mentally unbreakable. They have spent their entire lives training with such consistency, intensity, and tenacity that they believe 100% in their minds that they are the best. They have a highly confident attitude, to the point where it can seem almost arrogant or cocky”

So how can that apply to our lives?

First we need to understand that to reach any goal that has any significance we are going to have to train for it and push our minds and bodies to the limit.

We can’t expect to go out there and accomplish our goals by showing up 50% of the time and creating a habit of sub-par intensity.

I also believe that we need to elevate our confidence levels. We need to have assurance and belief that what we do and who we are is great. Obviously, do not come off cocky if you still want friends but I am talking about the inner belief in yourself that EVERYTHING is possible and you are fully capable.

When negative, self-defeating thoughts come into your mind replace them with a positive affirmation. Mindset and preparation are the two biggest ingredients that separate the winners and the losers in life. Have the right mindset and prepare hard enough and you can achieve anything. Seriously…anything!

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