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Seriously Inspirational (Karen Hopper’s Transformation)

June 1, 2012

We have all been to a point our lives where all light is shed and the only thing left is a hopeless path down a dark road. A point in time when one decision defines the person will you become. There is no bridge over this fork in the road and this one critical decision can lead to a life of happiness or a life of misery. Unfortunately,  most middle aged women are faced with the same problem, their health. Fortunately for Karen Hopper, she chose a path to happiness…here is her story…

For Karen it wasn’t just being overweight that caused her issues, it was the way being overweight made her feel.  As she testifies, “My clothes stopped fitting, my self-confidence was low,I had an extremely negative self image, and my emotional eating was out of control. For me it was the realization I did not love myself is why I made a commitment to change.” Karen’s life was quickly heading towards the dark path so she did what everyone should do and sought help.

When we met she was committed already. We talked about how the mindset of a person determines the outcome of their internal and external health. We made it very clear that without an extremely strong mindset and the ability to makes sacrifices there would be no change. Wow, did she take to it! Karen didn’t just lose 45 lbs and over 10% body fat in only 8 months because she showed up and worked out every day. Karen changed her body because of the she was able to restructure her mental make-up. As she explains, “My body is my prized possession and  is the only thing in the world that no one can take away from me. If I don’t take care of myself then I can not take care of anyone else.”

Karen’s transformation is so inspiring and motivating! I enjoyed watching her every workout, coaching her through every phone conversation, talking with her through every meeting, and  patting her on the back every weigh. Karen and I both wanted to share her story just to show the world how possible this kind of transformation is. It is truly an honor to have guided Karen into a holistic and happy lifestyle and she is certainly glad to be whole new person!

Her amazing transformation happened in 8 months. Her recipe is an unbreakable mentality and hard work in and out of the gym Karen dropped 45 lbs., 10 % body fat, and over 25 total inches. It is truly amazing what a motivated person can do with a little guidance! Congrats Karen you will be a life-long friend and I will share your story with everyone I meet!

Karen is not super-woman, you can do this too. She will be the first one to tell that she couldn’t do a burpee or a push up when she started. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. So if you are not happy with yourself, just get up and start moving and I promise you good things will come. Nothing will change unless you first change your mindset. I challenge you to have a self-conversation and devise a three step plan to getting started. Ask yourself these three questions…

1. Why do I need to be healthy? (children, health reasons, overweight, etc.)

2. What resources can I use to get healthy? (nutrition plans, boot camp, weight watchers, Shaklee)

3. What is a short (1 week), medium (1 month), and long-term (12 month) goal? (Short term – workout 3 times, Medium – lose 5 lbs, Long – Be a inspiration to others on Fit Moms Forever)

E-mail me the answers to you questions and we will devise a further plan! Seriously, don’t be afraid to admit you need a little help!  E-mail me at [email protected] and I have something guaranteed to motivate you! 



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