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Smash Balls To Get Fit

September 22, 2016

Smash Through Your Goals

We’re a big fan of smash balls here at Burn Boot Camp. They’re a great piece of equipment that engages all your muscles so you work hard!

CEO and Founder of Burn Boot Camp, Devan Kline, introduces the smash ball and the proper form to ensure that you only help yourself rather than hurt yourself.

Overhead Slam

For an overhead Slam you’ll begin by lifting the ball overhead and engaging your stomach. You want to hold the ball behind your head to engage Triceps, Lats, and Abs. Once you slam the ball down, your body begins to contract those muscles to build strength.

Once the ball is down, it has to come up! Lower your hips below your knees to get into a low Squat so that you pick the ball up and follow through to slam again. This is a Full-Body movement that will get you fit fast.

For a challenging workout, time yourself for a minute (or 2 minutes) doing as many repetitions as possible until your minute rest. Alternate back and forth between rest and work for 3-5 rounds.

Around The World

This is another exercise that the smash ball can be used for. Your feet should stay planted and shoulder-width apart. As you raise the ball above your head, engage your core and revolve the ball around your head. This exercise engages your Shoulders, Delts and Traps.

Add this exercise to the Overhead Slam by switching directions every 30 seconds. Be sure to rest between repetitions.

Mountain Climber

This move is a modification up from regular Mountain Climbers on the floor. To begin, put your hands together in a triangle shape and place on the ball. Be sure to tighten your core and resist the motion of the ball as you do Mountain Climbers.

Lunge With A Wood Chop

This last workout is made to target your lower body and core. It’s important to maintain proper Lunge form as you follow through with this exercise. As you come into your Lunge, move the ball to the same side as your Lunge.

Twist your Torso and remember that two is one! For those with injuries that might need a modification, remove the Lunge and do the Torso Twist.

The Workout

Combine all of these moves into a Full-Body workout by incorporating a circuit style or moving through the rounds. Smash balls are effective pieces of equipment that can be used in camp and at home!

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