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Pink Abtober Story Spotlight: Crystal Perry*

October 22, 2016

Crystal’s Story

Crystal’s story begins with her diagnosis over 8 years ago. “1 in 8 women will hear the words, ‘you have Breast Cancer.'” says Crystal Perry, an survivor of Breast Cancer herself. Crystal is a member of Burn Boot Camp Millbrook and has been cancer-free for 8 years.

Crystal was able to self-diagnose herself early by practicing self-checks. Crystal’s hope is that by sharing her story, she can influence other women to perform regular checks on themselves.

After finding the lump, she has a Lumpectomy and went through 4 months of Chemotherapy with 36 rounds of radiation. Crystal advises to be aware of your risks for Breast Cancer and tells us how to take preventive measures.

Health Is Key

Diet is a main factor with lowering the risk for Breast Cancer. By avoiding “bad” fats and sugars, it can keep your diet clean to lower the risk of cancer. Crystal goes on to say that Burn Boot Camp holds her accountable to live her healthiest life. She attends camp regularly at 51 years old and eats a healthy diet!

Her advice is to find a community and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’re supporting our clients all month long by thinking pink! Keep following the blog for more Pink Abtober Story Spotlights.



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