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Pink Abtober Story Spotlight: Ginnie Ramsey*

October 31, 2016

Ginnie’s Story

Ginnie is a member of Burn Boot Camp Naples. She found the lump herself which she describes as tender and hard. She refused to believe that it was breast cancer.

When Ginnie went in for a mammogram, she waited for several hours where she got up and left. After speaking to her husband, Ginnie realized she needed to get the mammogram for her family.

Ginnie was diagnosed with breast cancer at 47. She accepted death early, and balanced all of the options that most breast cancer patients experience. Additionally, the doctor told Ginnie that she had a 30% chance of having it on both sides of her breast.

After finding out the news, Ginnie decided to have a double mastectomy. Soon after the procedure, Ginnie found out that she had the cancer in both breasts. Next, Ginnie had to go through several surgeries and radiation.

Ginnie’s coping mechanism was through exercise. She began walking to running and then two years ago in October she ran a half-marathon. Finally, she decided to join Burn Boot Camp as a coping strategy.

Being from New Jersey, she was nervous for her first 6:30 am class, but has made a network of friends, has increased strength and muscle mass and has lost body fat. She is incredibly thankful for Burn Boot Camp.

Her Advice To You

Ginnie’s advice is to know that it’s ok to be upset, but you need a support system of family and friends. It’s important to reach out to people and understand that it’s ok.

In the beginning, she struggled with the idea that people brought food to her or money, but she knows that it was all to help her. She had her moments, but became tougher through it.

She says that through it all, finding a positive coping mechanism can help in a multitude of ways. Living out a healthy lifestyle is her final piece of advice for anyone watching.


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