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Pink Abtober Story Spotlight: Julie Keilen*

October 22, 2016

Julie’s Story

Julie Keilen is a member of Burn Boot Camp La Crosse, who is sharing her story to inspire other women around her! In November of 2009, Julie’s life changed. She went in for a mammogram and found out that she had a lump in her breast a few days later.

Julie walked into the mammogram area not expecting that she would soon be diagnosed with breast cancer. After finding the lump, the doctors told her that there was a 98% chance that it wasn’t cancer.

The news soon turned scary when she learned it was cancerous. Julie took immediate action and went in for a Full Mastectomy.

Julie endured weeks of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Throughout her entire time of having breast cancer, she worked hard to make light of her story. Breast cancer changed her life to the point where it took months even after she was declared cancer-free to feel like herself again.

The Next Step

Julie had the support of family and friends during her battle with breast cancer. She says that it’s changed her life for the better in the sense that she is more determined.

Additionally, Burn Boot Camp has helped Julie live a healthy life even during her most difficult times. Julie goes through occasional check-ups, which can be scary, but she hopes to inspire people with her story.

Julie shares valuable advice to be checked yearly and to find a support group, which was Burn Boot Camp for Julie. It’s important to be strong for yourself and to enjoy life as you enjoy it.

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