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Pink Abtober Story Spotlight: Lorrie Bentz*

October 22, 2016

Lorrie’s Has Beat Breast Cancer

As Lorrie began to experience menopause, she noticed changes in her breasts. She describes them as “lumpy” and “painful,” which are often times symptoms of breast cancer tissues. Even though her doctor was aware of what she was experiencing, Lorrie still worried because her grandmother had died of breast cancer.

In November of 2014, Lorrie went in for a normal mammogram, in which she was called back after that. She was asked to have a needle biopsy done, where she soon found out that she had cancer.

Within 2 days, Lorrie met with a surgeon where she learned she would have rounds of tests to go through. On January of 2015, she had her first surgery. She had a one-sided mastectomy.

After Lorrie’s surgery, she went through chemotherapy and was taking several drugs at the time. Throughout the year, she still dealt with frequent testing.

Through The Fight

Lorrie felt as if she didn’t have much of a choice when she decided to get a single mastectomy. The tumor was large enough to that a mastectomy would fully remove it.

Although the media can often times glorify double mastectomies, there are definitely tests that can help make the decision. Lorrie’s advice is to work with your doctor and family.

In her journey, she realized just how essential her family and friends are. They will be there for you through anything and are your ideal support group. Along with family, she understands the importance of good health.

After experiencing breast cancer, she feels that it’s important to talk about breast cancer. People are afraid to ask about illnesses, but it’s important to learn about diseases.

She spoke to many other women who had breast cancer and did plenty of research while she experienced breast cancer. She learned a lot about what others had gone through and what she had gone through as well.

Lorrie says her biggest fear was losing her hair. As a hair dresser, she was hysterical over the fact that she was going to lose her hair. She understood how gut-wrenching it could be to lose your hair as a women. Thankfully, she didn’t lose much hair, but still wore a wig.

Lorrie figured out that wig’s were expensive. Both her and Morgan advise to find a wig shop in your location that help women with cancer, like The Woman In Pink Boutique.

Her Advice

Lorrie doesn’t obsess over the fact that the cancer might come back, but understands the risk. One of her best friends fought the battle and never gave up, but eventually lost her life to this disease.

She advises that you live a healthy lifestyle of exercise and a healthy diet. Surround yourself with positive people and things.

Lorrie is still seeing her doctor every three months. She advises that everyone get a mammogram if you notice differences in your breasts. It can save your life!


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