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Pink Abtober Story Spotlight: Stephanie Heil*

October 31, 2016

Sharing The Story

Stephanie Heil is a member of Burn Boot Camp Huntersville. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2015.

Stephanie’s story begins when she was an Oncology nurse, who doubted self-checking. One day in the shower, she felt her own breasts and found the lump.

After finding the lump, she went in for a mammogram. Additionally, she went in for a biopsy and several other appointments before receiving her diagnosis.

She began her six rounds of chemotherapy at the end of July after several meetings with doctors and surgeons. Every three weeks, Stephanie went in for a round of chemo. Rather than having an IV stick, Stephanie had a port place.

Stephanie says the most difficult part of cancer was having to share the news with everyone. Finally, after spreading the unfortunate news, she had her lumpectomy.

After her surgery, she was extremely exhausted. She took time off of work while she began radiation. Now, Stephanie takes a pill that she will continue to take for ten years.

Throughout her diagnosis, she felt fatigued and pained in her daily life because of the treatments. The first infusions were the worst. She had an allergic reaction and experienced a lot of pain.

Finally, Stephanie made the decision to join Burn Boot Camp recommended to her from one of her nurses. She says that Burn has definitely improved her mental and physical strength.

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