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Sweet and Salty Substitutes

April 19, 2012

Let Someone Know You Care…

My mission is to have researchers look back in 20 years and ask “How and the heck is Lake Norman the most fit region in all of the United States?” I’ll tell you why, because you (being a mom) are the leader of our community and you are a part of something special.  Educating you and providing you with useful content, workout videos, tips and tricks is my way of saying thank you for being part of the “Fit Mom’s Forever” community. Your greatest thanks can be to pass the message along! Make a change in someone’s life by reaching out and letting them know you care. Doing this we can learn as a group, grow as individuals, and become fit forever! Our Fit Mom’s community is growing  by numbers every single day thanks to you. Always remember a little passion goes a long way!

I challenge you to reach out to someone today and let them know you care. It can be as subtle as a text message or as passionate as a surprise visit to their home. You have someone in your life that you love and care about who maybe isn’t the most healthy person. Don’t force it upon them, just simply let them know you care. If you don’t know what to say…here is an example…”Hey, (friend) I was reading this blog and it made me think of you. Just thought you might want to know some substitutes for that chocolate you love!” A little passion and caring goes a long way!…Here are some GREAT way’s to keep that calorie count down and your sweet tooth happy!

Sweet Tooth & Salty Substitutes


Leave it: Hersey’s Bar (45 g) – 210 calories, 110 calories from fat: Fat 13 g – Carbs 26 g – Sugar – 24 g – Protein 3 g

Love it: Carob (45 g) – 70 calories, 32 from fat: Fat 3.5 g – Carbs – 8 g – Sugar 4 g – Protein 2 g

**FACT – Carob is a fruit that comes from the Carob tree. This legume is found is very high in fiber and calcium.  Carob also has therapeutic uses. It is known to halt serious cases of diarrhea in adults, infants, and animals. One French physician successfully reversed kidney failure with carob.

Ice Cream

Leave It: Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter (1/2 cup) – 360 calories, 220 from fat: Fat 24 g – Carbs 27 g – Sugar 24g – Protein 8g

Love It: Stonyfield Farm Organic Nonfat Frozen Yogurt (1/2 cup) – 100 calories, 0 from fat: Fat 0 g – Carbs 20 g – Sugar 18 g – Protein 4 g

**FACT – All ingredients are organic and contain zero preservatives and additives.


Leave It: Doritos (1.75 oz) – 275 calories, 110 from fat: Fat 12 g – Carbs 32 g – Sodium 297 mg – Protein 4 g

Love It: Mediterranean Baked Lentile Chips – Sea Salt (1.75 oz) – 110 calorie, 25 from fat: Fat 3 g – Carbs 19 g – Sodium 180 mg – Protein 4 g

**FACT – This

Peanut Butter

Leave it: Jif Creamy (31 g) – 190 Calories, 140 from fat: Fat 16 g – Carbs 6 g – Sugars 2 g, Protein 7 g

Love It: Almond Butter, Raw, Creamy, Unsalted (31 g) – 190 Calories, 150 from fat: Fat 17 g – Carbs 6 g – Sugars 2 g – Protein 8 g

**FACT – Almond butter has 26% more Vitamin E, 3% more Iron, and 7% more Calcium than peanut butter. It’s higher in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and antioxidants.


Leave it: Aunt Millie’s Deluxe White Bread (2 slices) – 140 Calories, 15 from Fat: Fat 1.5 g – Carbs 28 g – Sugars  3g – Protein 4 g

Love It: Ezekiel 4:9 Bread ( 2 Slice) – 80 calories, 5 from fat: Fat 1 g – Carbs 15 g – Sugars – 0 g – Protein 4 g

**FACT – Ezekiel Bread has 18 amino acids (building blocks of protein) while seed fed chicken only has 12.




Did you know that your body metabolizes (body’s method of processing food) sugar directly into body fat? Take a look at this picture and make sure you think about this  next time you have a Diet Coke!


I hope you liked this! Pass this onto friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors! Make sure you let someone know you care about them! If you are amazed like I was by this picture let me know your thought by commenting below! 

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