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Taking to The Next Level: Brandi and Michelle’s Phase 2

March 28, 2013

It is no secret that what Brandi Parker and Michelle Sellers have done in the last six months is truly unbelievable. When these two ladies started their Burn Boot Camp One-Year Extreme Makeover Challenge six short months ago they weighed a combine 604 LBS. As of today, they weigh a combined 447 LBS. I told Brandi and Michelle I know they can drop roughly 200 LBS by April and I have their back all the way…they told me I was crazy. Well today I would like to announce that maybe I am a little bit crazy!

Together the duo has done a fantastic job staying committed to 7 workouts per week , a strict nutrition regiment, and strict accountability rules. Thus far both ladies have exceed their own expectations and are extremely proud of themselves. Myself, as their transformation coach, am proud as well but I know we are only half way and I am never completely satisfied. I recently had a talk with both Michelle and Brandi and explained to them that Phase 2 of their journey will undoubtedly bring harder challenges. I was happily surprised with what they both had to say.

My Thoughts Thus Far…

On Michelle

Michelle has found some motivation in her husband J. For the first 4 months of Michelle’s transformation J was by her side every extra workout. I would be pushing their adorable little children in then “dream flyer” red wagon as we ran around Huntersville. J and Michelle were very consistent and each had dropped over 30 LBS . Unfortunately  J suffered an injury to his Achilles tendon and was sidelined for about 45 days. J’s injury combined with death in the family caused Michelle’s full steam ahead momentum to slow. Now that J is healed they are re motivated together and Michelle even asked me if she could do hill sprints after a boot camp work out!  The old Michelle would never WANT to do hill sprints after a workout and that really shows me her mentality moving forward.  Michelle’s mindset has been put to the test 100 times over and she continues get mentally stronger with every challenge. Successful people understand that failure is necessary to recognize victory and no matter how many times you fall you’ll never lay down. I can guarantee you that Michelle will be a complete success in the end!

On Brandi

Brandi has simply had an unreal journey. If you thought finding someone who is mentally and physically capable of dropping 113 LBS in six months is tough, you are right. Brandi is doing an extremely rare thing and making it look easy. But she would stop me right there, and say “Whoa, easy is the wrong word to use!” Let me put this into perspective for you to let you know how extremely mentally tough Brandi Parker is. Out of 168 possible workout sessions Brandi has made it to all 168. Out of 30 weeks of extremely detailed meal logging, Brandi has turned in all 30. Out of 12 weigh-ins Brandi has been to every one not to mention she won $1,000 at a regional Shaklee Weight Loss Contest. Through Thanksgiving, Christmas,  and New Years and all the temptations that come with in Brandi has been virtually flawless. As her trainer, I am NEVER satisfied and there is no such thing as complacency in my world. I have a feeling Brandi feels the same way as she recently accepted a challenge to switch to a full on Paleo Plus Diet and take her nutrition to the next level!

Taking it to the Next Level

I have extremely high expectations as we take our journey into the summer. Brandi and Michelle are more motivated than ever and extremely excited for what is to come. I will be keeping you updated once per month with a blog post on the ladies so make sure you stay tuned and continue to show their support!


If you think this is what someone close to you needs to get motivated, please send them this link to read!

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