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Kristi Odle

August 2, 2017

As a child, I was in gymnastics on and off. During gymnastics practice, I sprained my lower back my sophomore year of high school and was unable to continue with gymnastics. During the remainder of high school and college, I was fairly inactive. This continued after college while I was working full time. Then I had two kids four years apart which caused many changes in my body. I felt weak and tired and uncomfortable in my own clothes. When I joined Burn, my youngest child was one year old. My main goal was to gain more energy to keep up with my kids.

I honestly had zero hesitations about becoming a Burn member. I found out about Burn just prior to the location opening and was able to join in on their 30 day free trial. I didn’t have many expectations for the trial as I did not know what to expect during the classes. After the first couple of weeks of classes, I was hooked and knew that I wanted to join full time.

I have lost approximately 6 pounds and 2% body fat since joining Burn.

Outside of Burn, I am more aware of what I am putting into my body. On the weekends, I meal prep my lunches for the week so I am not tempted to grab an unhealthy meal. I am exposing my kids to healthier foods and the importance of exercising. My husband also joined Burn as a member and we are able to workout together which keeps us both motivated.

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