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The Hidden Dangers of Healthy Foods with Dr. Stephen Gundry

December 4, 2019

Today we’re joined by cardiologist and best-selling author of the Plant Paradox – Dr. Stephen Gundry. Dr. Gundry shares with us some of the hidden dangers of so-called “healthy” food and what we should be looking out for in our diets.  

We chat about one of the most talked-about items in healthy food culture – gluten. Dr. Gundry shares that gluten is a type of lectin, which is simply a plant protein that can actually be found in lots of foods. But, while lots of people have started adopting a gluten-free diet, that doesn’t mean that they’re avoiding lectins altogether and these proteins can be associated with inflammation and a variety of other health issues.  

Dr. Gundry shares about how lectins affect people differently and how so many diseases begin in the gut. He shares that by simply eating and eliminating the right foods, many people are seeing a reverse in inflammation, symptoms, and conditions. We also chat about the seven deadly disruptors that Dr. Gundry shares in his book and how these toxins are connected to so many health issues.  

The good news is this: there are tons of substitutions we can make so we can still enjoy some of our favorite foods while also avoiding these disrupting ingredients. All in all, Dr. Gundry offers up tons of things to think about when it comes to what we’re fueling our bodies with and how we can trace things back to our gut and overall wellbeing. 

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