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The Key To Unlocking Those Hidden Abs

November 3, 2016

Let’s Unlock Those Abs!

Today’s post is important for all you who are looking to get that flat stomach, definition in your abs and quality nutrition. Excess belly fat, health issues, and gas build up will contribute to that unwanted flab. By adding certain foods and steady intense exercise to your daily routine, you can get on the right track to earning the flat washboard stomach you’ve always dreamed of.

5 Healthy Food Choices to Flatten Your Stomach!

1. Egg Whites – Egg whites are an excellent source of protein and help your body to feel full longer. They are great for adding extra protein to your diet or starting your day with a solid foundation. Eggs also add vitamin B12 to your diet, which helps break down fat cells.

2. Salmon – Salmon not only provides a solid source protein, but it also provides healthy, essential omega-3 fatty acid that aid in breaking down body fat. Salmon is also a good source of vitamin D.

3. Asparagus – Asparagus serves a dual purpose. First, it promotes healthy digestive system. Secondly, it is also a low calorie, healthy carbohydrate that should be a staple along with other green vegetables to help burn excess body fat.

4. Olive Oil – Olive oil can help to regulate blood sugar levels and deliver mono-saturated fatty acids that diffuse the accumulation of fat.

5. Water – Water is the foundation for our bodies. Although it is listed as number five, water is essential to flushing toxins, increasing circulation, and hydration levels. Adding a gallon of water per day to your diet will help you expel the waste accumulated in your body, and allow you to operate at maximum digestive efficiency.
While eating healthy is an absolute must do for a flat stomach, you have to add a workout plan that pushes cardio, strength training and flexibility. Diet without exercise does not work, and you CANNOT out train your diet!

For healthy recipes and more info on how to get and maintain that flat new stomach check out our website or our Youtube channel!

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