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The Secret Weight Loss Trick for Moms

May 4, 2012

Most people do not associate lifting weights with weight loss. Weight lifting is supposed to be for getting bulky, right? Wrong! Lifting weights is actually the most effective way to lose weight, especially for women. Yes, that’s right: lifting weights is not just for guys.

Lifting weights has been scientifically proven to be more effective for losing weight than cardiovascular training alone. You can also see it for yourself. The next time you go the gym, compare the bodies that you see in the weight room with the ones that you see on the treadmills and ellipticals. You will notice that most of the overweight people are on the treadmill whereas those with the best bodies are in the weight room.

Why? Because when you lift weights, you burn calories both during and after your workout!

Every pound of muscle on your body burns an average of thirty calories per day. The more muscle that you have, the more “passive weight loss” you will have. Weight lifting amplifies this with something called the “afterburn” effect. After you lift weights, your body will continue to burn calories as it recovers.

Weight lifting gets your metabolism so much that you will burn more calories sleeping than you would spending thirty minutes on the treadmill.

But wait, isn’t weight lifting dangerous? Heck no! If you use proper form, weight lifting is very safe.

Hold on a minute, won’t I get super bulky and unattractive if I lift weights? Wrong again. Women have significantly less testosterone than men, so it is almost impossible for them to look bulky no matter how much weight they lift.

Here are the keys to getting the most bang for the buck from weight training. It is very, VERY important that you follow these principles if you want your weight training to be worthwhile.

1. Lift heavy weights. You should lift weights that you can only perform 6-15 reps with.

2. Do synergistic exercises that involve multiple muscles rather than isolation exercises that focus in on one particular muscle.

3. Limit your workouts to 30-45 minutes with only brief breaks between sets.

It is also important to use proper form at all times. Most people, unfortunately, do not use proper form. Improper form is not just dangerous; improper form will make the exercises less effective. Put in the time and effort to learn how to properly do those compound exercises.

If you follow these principles when you are at the gym, you will be using one of the best weight loss secrets out there. When you combine lifting weights with proper nutrition and rest, you will be well on your way to that sexy body that you want so bad!

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