Client of the Month: Tonya Moses - Burn Boot Camp
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Tonya Moses

Client of the Month: Tonya Moses

August 25, 2017

Tonya is grateful for a gym where her trainers know her name, know her limits and inspire her every single day!

My journey began when I was inspired to join Fun to be Fit, (Burn Boot Camp) 5 years ago. You can say I was one of the original clients. It all started when I was volunteering at a triathlon with my dear friend Deanna Mullis. She talked me into giving the two week trial period a try. At that time my passion for an active lifestyle was participating in triathlons. So, I wasn’t sure if this type of gym was going to help with improving my time in the water, on my bike, or help me run faster, but I thought I would give it a try.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was building strength which overall lead to improving my endurance. After my trial period was over I knew that this was the gym for me. I’m inspired every time I walk into camp at 5:30am seeing all of the amazing members giving it their best. It’s become a routine for me.

The trainers are always pushing me outside my comfort zone, making me stronger and more confident. I’m very grateful to have a gym where the trainers know my name, know my limitations and are always inspiring me to work outside my comfort zone. The relationships that I have built within Burn Boot Camp over the past 5 years are pretty amazing. We hold each other accountable and give support to each other every day. I’m truly blessed to be part of the Burn Boot Camp family. Winners never quit!

Tonya Moses – Burn Boot Camp, Huntersville NC

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