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Top 10 Moments of 2015!

January 5, 2016

1. BBC Franchise Sweeps the East Coast

On February 19th, 2015 Burn Boot Camp’s destiny began to take shape. Founders Devan and Morgan Kline announced that anyone within the walls of the United States could become an owner of the most life changing fitness/lifestyle program.

Motivated and passionate fitness entrepreneurs combined efforts with the Kline’s en route to 37 locations across 8 states including: North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, New York, Virginia and Tennessee.

Most owners stem from Morgan and Devan’s Lake Norman, NC empire where they have helped transformed the lives of thousands of busy moms.

As the incredible Burn Boot Camp movement rolls into 2016 their plans are to more than double their influence. The culture and roots instilled by The Kline’s radiate from them to their entire BBC Family from social media/newsletter followers, to owners, and especially their clients.

Devan’s mission was set out on January 2013 to deliver community health transformations by focusing on moms health first. In turn, Kline’s hopes have always been that moms will educate their household and making health and fitness a staple of the NEW American Dream.

The unique Burn Boot Camp style of efficiency, positivity, motivation, encouragement, is led by hand recruited fitness professionals. The results are unheard of and word-of-mouth has swept the East Coast.

If you are passionate about helping people and are interested in becoming a part of the Burn Owner Family, we are awarding territories all across the country. This dynamic team is young and growing quickly! Email [email protected] to inquire about available territories!


2. 100th Transformation Story

BBC is in existence to make sure busy moms, community leaders and business women have a place to call a home away from home. Burn is not simply a place to come work out and then leave. Our clients each get treated like they are our only client. We customize each clients nutrition, lifestyle plan, and plan to not only reach, but exceed whatever they thought possible!

But anyone can say that their own program changes lives, but do they have ONE HUNDRED REAL TRANSFORMATION STORIES to prove it?

Everything we do is with our clients as the first priority. We have the most dedicated, passionate clients in the world and we would do anything for them on any day.

Burn Boot Camp Cornelius, Morgan Kline, Fitness Franchise
Burn Boot Camp Cornelius, Morgan Kline, Fiona Mulligan

3. BBC Online Launch

If you are worried that you are missing out on all of the Burn Boot Camp fun, in November 2015 we introduced the next best thing!

BBC online is a series of 12 boot camp style workout videos led by our Founder Devan Kline. Devan takes a serious, results-oriented approach right into your living room!

Train with Devan along with 4-6 other BBC transformation experts for this 12 week life changing program.

Clients of Burn Boot Camp get this program for FREE to use whenever they’d like! Whether on vacation, stuck at home with the kids, or wanting to get some extra work in. Non members can visit for just $75 for lifetime access!


4. World Headquarters is Born

At BBC we are big believers that positive energy and thoughts align with our reality. As BBC hit 8 states with record speed, we decided to make a statement. Shortly after the Kline’s purchased our Headquarters at 311 Gilead Road a sign went out front reading “Burn Boot Camp – Fit Community of Moms – World Headquarters”.

Even though the explosive concept has not yet made it to the World stage, the only way to get there is to put it into the universe and work hard to back that statement!

Devan’s newsletter and BBC Online’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge have been utilized by women all over the world and with your help and continued passion, we WILL have Franchises worldwide!

Burn Boot Camp World Head Quarters for Franchise
Burn Boot Camp World Head Quarters for Franchise

5. Better Than the Biggest Loser (Brandi Parker)

In 2013 a woman’s life was changed forever. Brandi Parker of Huntersville, NC signed a contract with Devan to commit to a 12 month transformation. Brandi did nothing short of dominating that challenge by losing 174 lbs!

That’s impressive, right? But what is even more impressive is that Brandi is STILL attending 4-5 sessions per week and the weight has been held in check.

Brandi’s amazing feat has inspired women all over the world to do the same. As you can imagine, losing 174 lbs can leave some excess skin folds behind. So we have decided to open a fund for Brandi to assist her with getting a skin removal surgery she rightfully deserves!

If you are inspired by Brandi and want to help her with completing her goal, please donate $20 or more to her Go Fund Me account below!

Brandi Parker

6. 2015 MDA Workout in the Park

There is no better feeling than giving back to your community. Especially when the efforts involves kids! MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) is the world’s leading nonprofit health organization sponsoring research seeking the causes of and effective treatments for neuromuscular diseases. In May 2015, Burn Boot Camp joined efforts with MDA and the entire BBC family to host a Workout in the Park! Over 300 clients and their families attended to raise over $8,000 to donate to MDA – Charlotte. We committed to “Be Their Muscle” and will continue to raise money and awareness to this organization.


7. The Newest Burn Boot Camp Baby

In June 2015, the Kline’s found out they will become parents! Amongst all the growth plans and expansion of the Burn Boot Camp Franchise, God has even bigger plans to expand Morgan & Devan’s personal family! They can’t wait to bring their baby girl into the world and couldn’t have a better platform to teach her how to be strong, healthy, courageous, and go after every dream she has.


8. Burn Nutrition Introduces Afterburn

Formulated by the Klines to fall in line with the Burn Nutrition philosophy, our very own protein powder is born! AfterBurn is non-denatured grass-fed whey that is sourced and produced in the US. Our protein contains 8 ingredients in which none of those 8 are riddled with fake, harmful ingredients like 99% of supplements in the US! We are very proud to offer this to our BBC family as a clean, quick way to increase their protein intake to aid in building lean muscle!


9. FMA Launches Mentor Program

FMA’s are AKA Fit Member Ambassadors. Veteran clients of BBC who excel in all aspect of our 5 pillar philosophy (mindset, nutrition, strength training, burst training, and positive environment) are able to apply to become a mentor to help new clients through their transformation.

Every quarter each location rolls out a new line up of FMA’s. This is one of the most important roles a client of BBC could take on. The responsibility is that of an “assistant trainer” to help Head Trainers with body diagnostics, Afterburn sampling, events, expos, and keeping the location they call home accountable and on track.

These leaders are the foundation of why Burn is so much different than any other facility. In BBC’s result oriented culture, FMA’s are responsible for bringing happiness to members through the gateway of health.

If you are a current client and aspires to assist people in their journey, ask your Burn Boot Camp owner about getting an FMA application today!


10. Burn Athletes Lead the Way for Busy Women

Our founder, Devan Kline, hand-picks trainers from across the country to represent the brand that him and his wife Morgan have created. The Kline’s have had such a large impact in their community and mentor other already stellar fitness pros to join them and do the same.

Among BBC’s transformation experts lies the new breed of personal trainers, “Burn Athletes”. At full disclosure, all BBC trainers are held to extremely high standards. No trainer is allowed on our customized “floating floor” to train our clients without first passing the Strength and Conditioning Assessment put in place by Devan and Morgan. But Burn Athletes take greatness to a whole new level.

These especially talented people are held to an even higher standard and have taken themselves through their own journey. Leading by example, following BBC nutrition plan, and utilizing our Afterburn supplement Burn Athletes must maintain uphold the highest standard a trainer can be held. Athletes consist of trainers from Devan who is a former professional baseball player to Becky Huff who is a client turned trainer by losing 60 lbs!

We created Burn Athletes so that we can show you anything is possible when you follow our 5 pillars of success to a tee! Their mission is to lead by example and always progress themselves to ensure clients always have something to look towards!



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