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Top 10 Nutrition Podcast Episodes to Get Healthier

January 14, 2019

Have you listened to the Coffee & Kettlebells podcast yet? I’m the host, Morgan Kline, as well as the co-founder and COO of Burn Boot Camp, and it is my mission to empower you to live your life with greater vitality, balance, compassion and self-love through my podcast. I understand that nutrition is a complicated subject, and I am here to make it easier for you. I’ve compiled my top nutrition podcast episodes of Coffee & Kettlebells for you to fill up your playlist with, empowering you with unbiased information to help you become the healthiest version of yourself!

1. Episode #18: Does Organic Really Matter and How to Start Juicing (with Kat Eckles)

On this top nutrition podcast episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, Kat Eckles, the co-founder of Clean Juice and a certified health coach, discusses why you should be eating organic foods and buying organic household and beauty products. You’ll learn the main contaminants in conventional foods and how they affect your health, plus the top contaminated foods (also known as the “Dirty Dozen”) that you should always buy organic. You’ll also learn the benefits of juicing and green smoothies and which juices are best for your different health needs.


2. Episode #45: Actual Ways to Stop Craving Junk Food (with Samantha Eaton)

Certified nutritional health coach and eating psychology coach Samantha Eaton joins me on this top nutrition episode of Coffee & Kettlebells to chat about why developing more willpower, discipline and motivation won’t prevent your cravings and what you can do that actually helps overcome them. Samantha also shares how to have less self-judgment and more self-compassion when you do succumb to eating junk food, how to deal with stress eating and how to say “no” to the junk food your significant other or children keep in the house.

3. Episode #38: Intuitive Eating: How to Build a Healthier Relationship with Food

(with Chelsey Amer)

In this top nutrition podcast episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, registered dietitian, nutritionist and wellness coach Chelsey Amer shares how you can reset your relationship with food through eating intuitively. You’ll learn signs your diet isn’t working for you, how to begin eating right for your body and how to stop overindulging and binge eating. Plus, you’ll learn the dangers of calorie restriction, why having cheat meals might not be helping you and how to make “all foods fit” into your diet.

4. Episode #24: How to Stay on Track Over the Weekend

If the weekends are your weakness, then this top nutrition podcast episode is for you! In this episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, I address common obstacles that stop you from staying on track over the weekend and share my best tips for enjoying a healthy yet balanced weekend without overindulging or feeling deprived.

5. Episode #13: The Truth About Cheat Days, Exercising When Sick, Post-Exercise Hunger & Pregnancy Cravings

This top nutrition podcast episode is a Q&A edition where I answer your pressing health and fitness questions! I dive into why you shouldn’t work out when you’re sick, how to overcome excess hunger when training intensely, helpful tricks for battling unhealthy food cravings during pregnancy (or just in life!) and why cheat days may not always be the best idea for your health and fitness goals.

6. Episode #28: How to Create a Healthy Meal for Weight Loss

With so many fad diets, it can be extremely confusing and overwhelming to figure out what you should be eating and in what amounts in order to successfully lose weight. In this top nutrition podcast episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, I teach you how to let go of the fad diets and create a healthy meal to boost weight loss. You’ll learn how to stop overthinking and over-complicating your meal choices with my extremely simple tricks for creating healthy and balanced meals every day.

7. Episode #25: Is Your Gut Healthy? Why It Matters and How to Fix It (with Dr. Jennifer Noonan)

This top nutrition podcast episode is extremely beneficial for determining if your gut is out of balance. Dr. Jennifer Noonan joins me to discuss the hot topic of gut health, what it means to have an unhealthy gut and why it is so important to heal it. You’ll learn which foods and daily exposures throw your gut out of balance, signs and side effects of bad gut health, the effects bad gut health has on your children, the top foods to eat and to avoid for better gut health and a detailed plan to reset your gut now.

8. Episode #30: Why Am I So Bloated?

Bloating is not a glamorous topic to discuss, but it’s a common struggle. If you experience bloating regularly, stop living in discomfort because, believe it or not, it can be avoided! In this top nutrition podcast episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, I discuss what foods in your diet might be causing you to bloat and my favorite tips to make it disappear.

9. Episode #19: Your Nutrition Questions Answered: Keto, Macros, Carb Cycling, Sugar and Detoxing

In this top nutrition podcast episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, I answer your burning nutrition questions! You’ll learn my thoughts on the keto diet, what it means to carb cycle and how to do it, and what macros are and how to count them. I’ll also discuss where sugar is hiding in your diet, why you shouldn’t avoid sugar from fruit, the best carbs and the best time to eat them, and the top foods for detoxing your system.

10. Episode #22: Why Your “Ideal” Body Weight Doesn’t Make You Healthy and Happy (with Samantha Eaton)

This top nutrition podcast episode of Coffee & Kettlebells is both informative and extremely empowering. Samantha Eaton, a certified nutritional health coach and eating psychology coach,  shares her story about reaching her “ideal” body weight and what she learned. Samantha discusses why compromising your health and happiness for a pant size isn’t worth it, the negative health effects of over-exercising and calorie restriction, and a healthier and more balanced approach to diet and nutrition.


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