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Burn Boot Camp Transform 2015 Results Unveiled – Incredible Stories

February 24, 2016

Twelve intensely grueling months of mental, physical, and emotional challenge has finally come to an end. I am proud to announce the results of our Transform 2015 contestants Lauren, Laura, and Janel. These ladies embody the essence of true determination. From day one they set out on a mission to reshape their paradigm on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Now at day 365, they can look back on this past year knowing they CRUSHED their goals!

Each year Burn Boot Camp  gives the opportunity of a lifetime to the lucky applicants who need our help the most. The commitment is scary, the process is difficult, but the results are far more rewarding than even these gals could have imagined!

I am so proud of the hard work and dedication displayed over the last year by these three. They go to show you that no matter where you come from, no matter what your background, with a little help you can exceed what you ever thought was possible for yourself!

PROUDLY introducing our Transform 2015 Burn Boot Camp clients and their results…

Laura Booth – 101 lbs in 12 months


Specifically, how has this impacted you the most? Being chosen for the BBC 2015 transformation was priceless to me. I was finally able to lose weight and gain the confidence in myself that I lost a long time ago. Having confidence is helping me do things I’ve always wanted to do but never dreamed possible, my life is forever changed! I am finally on the path to becoming the person I know I was meant to be.
What results have you seen? My biggest achievement was finishing a mud run!! I also ran a 5k, completed a ropes course and rode every single ride at Carowinds (comfortably fitting into each ride)!! All of these things I’ve always wanted to do but never thought I would actually do them. I always sat on the sidelines watching other people but now I am finally living and doing all of the fun things I’ve always wanted to do.
How determined are you to set and achieve your next goal? I have never been more motivated to succeed. I have already mapped out the next year of my life and I’m ready and prepared to hit my goals. The transformation gave me to the tools necessary to succeed. I will continue my journey and hit my final goal this year.
What can you say to those who will be in consideration of Transform? If I can give any advice to the next girls selected it would be to never give up. This was one of the hardest years of my life, it required discipline, time and a lot of prioritizing, something I wasn’t used to. I often felt overwhelmed and ready to quit… but I didn’t.. and I’ve never been more proud of myself. This was truly a life changing experience in every way possible.

Janel Trzakos – 22 lbs and Healthier Than Ever Before!

Burn Boot Camp

Specifically, how has this impacted you this most? I have gained a greater sense of physical and mental self awareness. Physically I will push my body to accomplish more than I ever thought possible but still respect my body when it tells me I need to pull back. Mentally I try to recognize excuses and hold myself accountable for my actions.

What results have you seen? I have undergone so many positive changes in the past year. I have seen my body transform into something brand new to me. I have never been this strong and comfortable in my own skin.

How determined are you to set and achieve your next goal? I am very determined to reach my next goal, which is to find my new, healthy normal. I prioritized and have been focused on this challenge for a long time and now need to transition to a more sustainable, flexible lifestyle.  I need to find the path that allows me to keep progressing towards my health and fitness goals but also allows me the flexibility to focus on other areas of my life as well.

What can you say to those in consideration for Transform 2016? The Transformation year will be amazingly fun and challenging. If you are willing to commit to yourself and trust the BBC process, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.  The results you can get from the Transform year is worth every passed up drink or dessert;  every muscle ache, callous, bleeding elbow or double under whip mark; and every early morning alarm. You are worth the sacrifice.

Lauren Watson – 30 LBS and Happiest She’s Ever Been!

Burn Boot Camp

Specifically, how has this impacted you this most? I have terrible anxiety.   I used to lie in my bed and battle this disease everyday.  It consumes you.  It takes all your energy and everything you have and on top of that I was overweight due to the medication I had to take for my anxiety.  I had every excuse in the world to let it win but BBC saved my life.  Even on my worst days I now  have friends, trainers, and owners that will support me, encourage me and get me through my workouts. I have more energy, great friends and a team that is helping me become the best ME.

What results have you seen? Results:  I still have my ups and downs but now I still get myself to the gym because I know in the long run it is best for me.  It helps me clear my mind.  It gives me energy to play with my kids and not only am I losing weight but I am becoming stronger.  Stonger willed, stonger mind, stronger body.
How determined are you to set and achieve your next goal? My next goal is all about the weight.  I used 2015 to focus on my mind and now I would like to get back to my pre – medication weight.  I am setting reachable goals- so every 10 pounds I celebrate with my husband by doing something small but it keeps me going and I love having him involved.
What can you say to those in consideration for Transform 2016? Not all transformations have to be totally about weight.  I had a mind and body transformation. Give this opportunity all that you have no matter what.. Everyone’s journey is different, make this your most incredible journey yet…

The great thing about being a part of Burn Boot Camp is that there is always another goal! Lauren, Laura, and Janel will continue to train, eat healthy, and live the new lifestyle they’ve been taught through this process. We are now looking for three more lives to be changed and are taking submissions for our next Transform Project!


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