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Transformation Testimonials LIVE from BBC Cary

July 8, 2016

What does “Transformation” mean to us?

The word transformation is important to us at Burn Boot Camp. When it comes to a fitness company, many might see transformation as solely physical. At Burn Boot Camp, we are built upon the foundation of the ALL the transformations that our clients experience. We work hard to encourage our clients so that they experience a mental, physical, and emotional transformation.

Burn Boot Camp Cary trainer, Lindsay Willis, interviews Tonya and Deena, two of our Fit Member Ambassadors about their experience with Burn Boot Camp and their transformation. They talk about how Burn Boot Camp has become a necessity in their life.

Bad days aren’t bad anymore when there is a second home to escape to, or a healthy outlet to motivate living the fullest life possible. Both Tonya and Deena express how their transformation happened in all aspects of their life – not just physical. It brings them joy to see others and themselves building strength that they can take with them into the world.

We love that our clients can make us part of their lives and incorporate us in their community.


Burn TV LIVE is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 – be sure to tune in to learn more about creating a healthy lifestyle!

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