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Vanillaberry Protein Ice Cream

July 1, 2019

How many times have you bought a pint of ice cream and promised yourself you were only going to have one spoonful? And then how many times have you snuck back to the freezer for one more spoonful, and then another, and eventually just eaten the whole pint? If I said never, I would be lying, and I know you would be, too!

Unfortunately, that pint of ice cream can have somewhere around 1,000 calories, 56 grams of fat, 100 grams of carbohydrates and 65 grams of sugar in it. Whoa! We should have stuck with that one spoonful, am I right?

The next time you’re in the mood to dive into a sweet creamy treat, ditch your pint of ice cream and dive into this Vanillaberry Protein Ice Cream. With this recipe being a single serving, filled with only fresh fruit, healthy fats and high-quality protein powder, you’ve got nothing to regret when you polish off the entire bowl!

Since this Vanillaberry Protein Ice Cream is full of high-quality protein and carbohydrates from whole foods, it makes it a perfect “indulgence” post-workout. I’ll be honest, I even like to enjoy this delicious treat for breakfast or a midafternoon snack. With the perfect mix of protein, carbohydrates and fats, it kills any sugar cravings I may be having and is a surefire way to keep my hunger at bay for hours! 

I think my favorite thing about this Vanillaberry Protein Ice Cream is that there is absolutely zero added sugar in this recipe! Let me tell you, when you take your first bite of this Vanillaberry Protein Ice Cream, you will be shocked by how sweet it is without any added sugar at all. After “indulging,” no need to worry about experiencing that sugar crash, dealing with that sugar headache or fueling that sugar craving!

I make this Vanillaberry Protein Ice Cream with frozen bananas and strawberries, but feel free to mix up your fruit. The frozen bananas help make the ice cream extra creamy, so be mindful of the fruit you use in its place. Frozen mangos or a frozen avocado would be great swaps. The strawberries in the recipe are a great boost of flavor, so feel free to swap them out with the frozen fruit of your choice!

I also used AfterBurn protein powder in this Vanillaberry Protein Ice Cream recipe. Why? I cannot tell you how many protein powders are out there that are made from low-quality protein sources and contain added preservatives, colorings, sweeteners, artificial sweeteners and many other toxic fillers. With Afterburn, I don’t need to worry about any of this! AfterBurn is my go-to protein powder because I know the ingredients are 100% safe and trustworthy. Afterburn provides you with 23 grams of grass-fed and finished whey protein, a complete amino acid profile, organic and non-GMO ingredients, and zero artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

This Vanillaberry Protein Ice Cream is…


Added sugar-free


Indulgent tasting

Extra creamy

Naturally sweet

Light and refreshing

Sweet tooth satisfying

Vanillaberry AfterBurn Protein Ice Cream


1 cup chopped frozen bananas (or one whole banana)

6 large frozen strawberries

¼ cup full-fat coconut milk

1½ scoops Vanilla Afterburn

1 tsp. vanilla extract


Blend all ingredients together in a high-speed blender or food processor. Enjoy!

Vanillaberry AfterBurn Protein Ice Cream Nutrition Facts:

Serves 1

Calories: 414

Carbs: 44g

Fat: 14g

Protein: 36g

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