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Fit Mom of the Month! Weight Loss Success in Cornelius NC

July 29, 2014

Cornelius Mom Looks Great For the Beach, and Strong Too!

After having my second child I found it harder to lose weight and my energy was very low.  Despite my efforts to workout, the weight was not coming off.  In fact, the scale was moving in the opposite direction. I knew something had to change and quick!  A friend of mine told me about BBC and said I should give it a try. To be honest I was scared to death! I didn’t think I was strong enough or in good enough shape to do something like bootcamp. Well I finally took the plunge in November (dragging another friend along with me of course). Safety in numbers, right? After walking through the door, meeting Morgan, and completing my first workout without dying, I knew this was the place for me. I guess you could say I was sold and I haven’t looked back. With Morgan’s encouragement and motivation, I have lost 20lbs, 8% body fat, and 3 pant sizes. But more importantly I have gained a fitness family of moms just like me working towards the same goals. The trainers are wonderful and so encouraging that you want to come back every day, even though you know it’s going to hurt. Is it easy? NO. Does it get easier? NO. But you WILL get stronger and you WILL have weight loss success in Cornelius NC BBC.  I am so happy with my results and all the energy I have now. Even with waking up at 5:30 every morning to get my workout in, I have way more energy than before. But more importantly, I am healthier and stronger than before. My daughters know how important being healthy is for mommy and they see how hard I work to get stronger (NOT skinny and NOT dieting). For me, this is priceless!

Lindsay Jones, Cornelius, NC

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