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What I Think About Cheat Meals

November 20, 2019

I’m going to be 100% honest with you, I don’t believe in cheat meals. I don’t believe it is the best strategy for developing a healthy and happy relationship with food and your body.


Cheat meals make us label food as good or bad. In turn, we relate this “good and bad” mentality to ourselves. When we eat good food, we are good and when we eat bad food, we are bad. This leads us to constantly judge and punish ourselves for our bad choices.

It gives us the mentality that our cheat meal is a reward for eating healthy all week long, so when we eat something unhealthy outside of our cheat meal, we feel like we need to punish ourselves.

This can either be mental punishment, where we are beating ourselves up on the inside. Or this can be a physical punishment where we think we need to work out extra hard or do double workouts for a few days to “make up for” the “damage” we did.

We should never live a life where we are always judging or punishing ourselves. We deserve better than that. Plus, this mentality will never lead us to truly loving and accepting our bodies for what it is. 

Listen to the full episode to hear more of my thoughts on cheat meals!

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