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Emmitt Terrell

January 20, 2017

Becoming a Burn Athlete doesn’t come easy. You have to set your sights high to earn a title like this! The men and women that become Burn Boot Camp Athletes sweat and sacrifice to earn the opportunity to join such an elite group. They work hard to get shredded in the gym, cut back in the kitchen, and model the utmost health and nutrition as a representative of Burn Nation. With our new ‘What’s In Your Gym Bag’ monthly feature, we will get an inside look at what makes our Burn Athletes blaze bright against all other fitness communities. Last week we sent our Burn Athlete of the Month, Emmitt Terrell, a few questions to get to know what makes him tick. He scribbled down some answers to send back to us, and now you get a chance to get to know him a little better yourself! Let’s see what’s in Emmitt’s gym bag…

Emmitt Terrell

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