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Lindsay Willis

February 17, 2017

Becoming a Burn Athlete doesn’t come easy. You have to set your sights high to earn a title like this! The men and women that become Burn Boot Camp Athletes sweat and sacrifice to earn the opportunity to join such an elite group. They work hard to get shredded in the gym, cut back in the kitchen, and model the utmost health and nutrition as a representative of Burn Nation.

Through each “What’s In Your Gym Bag’ monthly feature, we will get an inside look at what makes our Burn Athletes blaze bright against all other fitness communities. A couple weeks ago we sent our Burn Athlete of the Month, Lindsay Willis, a few questions to get to know what makes her the epic trainer that she is. Let’s see what’s in Lindsay’s gym bag…


Burn Athlete Name

Lindsay Willis





What is your position with Burn?



How did you find out about Burn?

I was a student at ECU working on my Health Fitness Specialist Degree. One of my classmates was a guy named Daniel Ballard, him and I took my very first Group Fitness Instruction class. When Burn Boot Camp, Cary, was coming to town I was contacted by Daniel who had so graciously recommended me for the job. I don’t think he realized it at the time, but he introduced me to my life’s passion and a group of ladies that I consider family now.


Go-to workout routine?

My workouts change all of the time! Being a former athlete definitely draws me to high intensity workouts involving jumping, sprinting and competing!


Favorite burst training workout?

I LOVE plyometric burst training workouts. I love to jump (probably because of my basketball background) so I am in LOVE with plyometrics, just ask my clients!


Favorite strength training workout?

I think it would have to be a tie between back and legs. I have always loved lifting heavy and moving big weight so these two muscle groups allow me to do just that.


Favorite cardio workout?

By my own admission, cardio is definitely not my favorite, HOWEVER majority of my cardio workouts include bursts of high intensity movements. I think my favorite cardio workouts would include hill sprints and sled pushes!


Go-to pre workout snack?

My go-to snacks are usually a rice cake with almond butter and sliced banana with my Ignite OR 2 Afterburn Almond Joy protein balls.. yum!


Go-to post workout snack?

I always have my Afterburn shake with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread with almond butter.


Favorite healthy meal?

I have a true obsession with zoodles and spaghetti squash so I would have to say anything involving these two! One of my recent favorites was simple but delicious- zoodles with grilled chicken tenders and tomato-basil feta cheese!


Favorite healthy restaurant in your area?

We love B-Good. We had one close to us when we lived in Raleigh and they JUST opened one 5 minutes from our house. I go there at least once a week!


Workout equipment you couldn’t live without?

There is no way I could live without a squat rack. I love to lift heavy and legs are my favorite to train!


Favorite athletic apparel?

Nike has always been a favorite of mine but Lululemon is recently becoming a very close second!


Favorite workout song?

Louder by Yelawolf. My music taste is extremely eclectic but rap is my go-to when working out.


Favorite inspirational quote?

“Do not burn to burn out. Burn for what ignites worlds within you. Burn for love, and your truth, and for that earth shaking yes feeling. You are made of stars, and fiery passion. You are too alive to ever let yourself fade away.” – Sheena Jayne Martin


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