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What’s Your Ultimate Vacation Exercise? LIVE from Frisco

August 5, 2016

Don’t Slack On Vacation!

While it may be tempting to want to take it easy on vacation, it’s still important to stick to your fitness routine. Most people assume that vacation workouts means boring exercises, which won’t get you motivated.

Mike Harper, Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp Frisco, uses a pool, park and swing set as areas we can use stay fit! Luckily, with the moves below, you can stay active using moves like the ones we do in Camp.

Get Started

The swing set can be used with moves similar to the TRX bands. The moves on the swing set include several exercises from Single-Leg Squats to Push-Ups.  A Full Body Workout can be done completely using the swing!

Frisbees are the next big tool – Mike starts by using two frisbees as sliders in the park. Now you can Mod-Up with those Mountain Climbers or Push-Ups. In addition to sliders, Frisbees can be used in the pool for resistance exercises that get your heart rate up while you cool off.

There’s no excuse to stop moving – even on vacation!

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