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Who’s Your Christmas Hero?

December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I hope you woke up to a picture perfect Christmas morning full of love! …and I hope you got the one gift you wished for. Morgan bought be a brand new pair of matte black Beats by Dre headphones as well as some new training gear, diggin’ all of it!

Take a moment today…

Who is your HeroTake a moment on this special day to recognize how truly blessed you are to have someone close to you. Life is crazy and curve balls get thrown at you left and right. Ups and downs work to tear you apart but unconditional love is unbreakable. But there is ALWAYS that one person you can look to and trust no matter the circumstances, that person is your hero.

My hero is my beautiful wife Morgan. We go back as far as 6th grade in our relationship and there has never been a single moment when she hasn’t been there for me. From paying my cell phone bill in college to being there for me when my father was incarcerated, she has never hesitated.

Now that we are being blessed with a little baby girl her strength, courageousness, and determination radiates from her. Morgan has been able to workout 4-5 times per week, train her amazing clients at 5 am, be responsible for 37 Burn Boot Camps, AND she hasn’t even been mean to me once! (Well, there was that one time I left).

She really has stepped up to the plate with this pregnancy and hit a home run! She has put herself in a position to help moms everywhere through her own journey. She is amazing and is my Christmas Hero 🙂

So who is your hero?

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and make sure that your loved ones know how much you really care? Christmas isn’t just about gifts (even through presents are awesome) it’s more about celebrating the life that was given to us to share with each other.

Sorry if I got a little deep today on you…

It’s important that you know a healthy life isn’t just about fat loss and striving for greatest in the gym. It’s about the relationships you create and the bonds you make to be happy with who you are and what you stand for.

So go tell someone they’re your hero today, even if it sounds corny 🙂 They will appreciate and that one little emotional deposit will help make y’all happier in the long run!

Keep Moving,

Devan Kline

PS – This year has been amazing for our BBC family! Look out for my reflection at the Top Ten Moments of 2015 coming out New Years Eve!

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