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Why Burn Is Better

Why Burn is Better

February 27, 2017

Many fitness gurus dread the impending “plateau.” People think that hitting a plateau in your workout routine is inevitable, but that’s not the case!

Unsure what a fitness plateau is? A fitness plateau is when you’re doing all the right things – training regularly, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water etc, and yet you’re seeing the same results. Sound familiar?

Women who attend gyms that specialize in workouts like barre or cycling usually hit a stagnant point. After you consistently improve and reach your highest potential in one fitness category, your body eventually has no where to go! You’ve done all you can and you feel stuck. The challenge is missing. You’re performing the same movements every day, and while you’re heart is definitely staying healthy, physically you aren’t improving or seeing the results you desire.

Here’s why Burn is better… with Burn Boot Camp, a plateau won’t happen. Every day you’re going to complete a camp that is different than anything you’ve done in the past. Don’t dread the plateau – there’s only climbing the ladder at Burn! Although our protocol might say “leg day” like it did last week, don’t get the wrong idea. Each day at camp is one you’ve ever seen before. Our trainers work diligently to come up with exercises that target different muscle groups at different times every day, every week, every month and every year around the clock. Our Burn trainers will always cheer you on as they give you a heavier weight, make you do one more rep, and challenge you where they know you’re capable. We never let the fight fade away.

At Burn we understand that it’s necessary to keep your workout routine fresh and inventive! We want to help our clients avoid the plateau, and we simply acknowledge the fact that it doesn’t exist here.

So if you’re feeling stuck in fitness plateau, think again! Burn is here to help. Challenge yourself every day and set new goals to provide you with mental and physical motivation. We promise there is always room for improvement!


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