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Why You Need a Luxury Wellness Vacation

September 24, 2018

During the colder months, it’s natural to feel worn out, unmotivated and easily overwhelmed by the ins and outs of your daily routine. What may seem fun and simple during the sunny, summer season now seems monotonous and sends you into a spiral of uninterest and apathy. Before you know it, you find yourself dreaming of a tropical oasis where you can reset, escape your stress, soak up the sun and leave your worries behind.

But before you call up your girlfriends and book your next care-free, booze-filled, calorie-loaded trip to Cabo, we’re asking you to pause and reset your mindset… Sweat.Reset, to be exact!

Sweat.Reset is the top luxury wellness retreat you don’t want to miss. It’s a fitness retreat in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, created specifically for women and designed to empower you to live life with purpose and gratitude, to embrace the opportunity to live healthfully and to fiercely pursue your goals. It is their mission to not only give you an unforgettable getaway with the perfect mix of fitness, relaxation, and adventure, but to empower you with knowledge to become the best version of yourself. You’ll come back home feeling renewed, recharged and motivated to create lasting lifestyle changes.

If you need to reset yourself, this wellness retreat is for you. Check out our top seven reasons why it’s our favorite and why you need to go!

1. Six Days of Ultimate Luxury

Sweat.Reset is a one-of-a-kind luxury wellness retreat hosted by an elite group of Burn Boot Camp trainers and wellness coaches, and it is the dream vacation you’ve been missing! This top luxury wellness retreat, nestled amongst the Guatemalan mountains overlooking the nearby ocean, will provide you with an escape filled entirely with individualized guidance, extreme empowerment and the tools necessary for you to achieve your goals.

More than just your typical all-expenses-paid vacation, Sweat.Reset gives you the opportunity to achieve maximum relaxation and optimum rejuvenation with minimal effort and cost. You’ll stay in a 12,000-square-foot Costa Rican villa located on two private acres and will be catered to by a staff of eight who will respond to your every need.

2. Lots of Sweat!

This top wellness vacation allows you to let go of the usual vacation stress of packing on the extra pounds. With unlimited access to the breathtaking wellness center, which has spectacular views of the mountains and ocean, your motivation to sweat will be at an all-time high. And Sweat.Reset provides you with daily circuit training workouts designed by your elite personal trainer, tailored specifically to your goals. Whether you have never stepped into a gym before or are a seasoned fitness junkie, they will ensure your workouts push your limitations based on your personal fitness level.

3. Taking Your Health and Fitness to the Next Level

Sweat.Reset’s end goal is to create lasting changes in your lifestyle. They have curated an entire experience that’s filled with individualization built toward your goals and greater education to help further you on your wellness journey. You will be given one-on-one consultations with your elite trainer to discuss your health and fitness goals and develop an individualized plan to ensure you achieve them. Your plan will include strategies on how to continue your wellness journey upon arrival back home and a customized meal plan based on your specific goals and dietary needs. There’s no doubt you’ll leave this top wellness retreat feeling more equipped to live a more healthful life than when you arrived.

4. Fun, Fun and More Fun

Sweat.Reset offers you a wide range of activities, excursions and relaxation options to ensure you experience your dream vacation. Enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling the reef on a private catamaran cruise or relax in the natural hot springs with a volcanic mud skin treatment. Sit back at the pool with a drink at the built-in swim-up bar or learn how to do stand-up paddleboarding with their certified SUP instructor. Be adventurous by taking a guided hike to nearby volcanoes, ride across a 10-station zip line or push yourself to new heights at the rock climbing course.

You can also enjoy the private spa without ever leaving the villa—a complimentary 60-minute massage is included with your stay. You’ll have opportunities to visit the town of Coco and explore the local craft stores, boutiques and eateries. Round-trip transportation to all group activities and excursions is provided. And finish off your perfect day with local live entertainment, brought to you for formal evenings of dinner, drinks and dancing on the villa’s outdoor terrace. What more could you ask for from this top wellness retreat?

5. Strengthening Your Mind

Sweat.Reset believes mindfulness training is essential to resetting your mind, body and soul. This top wellness retreat offers you private and group meditations, daily yoga classes and stretching workshops. They encourage you to soak yourself in silence each morning, sitting in beautiful gardens, private decks and patios, as to time to reflect, journal and contemplate. All mindfulness trainings will focus around being present, increasing gratitude and managing stress and anxiety. You will return home with greater control of your thoughts and a stronger healthy mindset, both essential for creating lasting change in your life.

6. Building Lasting Friendships

This top wellness retreat was designed with women in mind. Their ladies-only getaways are hosted in small, intimate group settings, allowing you to build relationships with other women who are on the same wellness journey as you. By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, you’ll receive the support, inspiration and empowerment you need to create lasting changes in your life. Through the deep and meaningful experiences you will share with these women throughout your stay, the friendships you develop at Sweat.Reset will transcend past the retreat’s end.

7. Your Private Chef

Sweat.Reset’s all-inclusive package has all meals, snacks and drinks covered for you, no tip required, allowing you to simply relax and reset. Indulge without guilt on this wellness retreat by digging into nutritious meals infused with Costa Rican culture, prepared fresh daily and included in your stay. Fresh fruit and snacks are available throughout each day in a state-of-the-art kitchen, poolside appetizers are prepared and served fresh each afternoon by an in-house butler, and a bartender serves you freshly squeezed juices, coffee, espresso and your favorite alcoholic beverages. Sit back and enjoy the cuisine!

This top wellness retreat also offers you interactive cooking classes led by your personal in-house chef, as well as a healthy eating workshop taught by your elite trainer to empower you with knowledge to cook healthier at home.

If these seven reasons get you excited about relaxing, rejuvenating and resetting with Sweat.Reset, be sure to check out their website for more information and to view their upcoming retreats.

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