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Your Toughest Fitness Questions Answered

October 29, 2012

Today’s blog post is a follow up from the Q and A email I sent out last week! I took the 7 most FAQ’s and put them into this blog post for you! If you have any other questions you would like to ask please do!

Question: “There is so much out there about diet/nutrition that it can be overwhelming.  What would you recommend as the first step in the beginning to change my daily diet/nutrition?”

My Answer:

The first step in changing your nutrition is changing your mindset. You have to be mentally ready for a change. Proper eating in the modern world is challenging and so people who do have an especially strong mindset. Most of all…you have to WANT to change and have a why behind the reason. When you can tell yourself that you are dedicated and not simply interested in changing your health, that is the point that you can begin to dive into nutrition details.

Question: “I can feel the difference in  my clothes, but why have no pounds come off?”

My Answer:

When you begin a new exercise program, specifically a vigorous one, your body will experience trauma to some extent. This foreign happening to your body will cause a certain amount of water retention that aids in the healing process of the muscles. This water retention may cause a 2-4 lbs of weight gain over the first 4-6 weeks of an intense program. Don’t freak out! It is only temporary and you will start seeing the scale move. Body fat loss is MUCH more important and body fat starts to diminish immediately with a clean diet.

Question: “You always talk about bursting training. What exactly is “burst training”?

My Answer:

Burst training is the single most effective way to burn body fat. Burst training or “bursting” as I normally refer to it, has been scientifically proven to burn fat up to 9x more effectively than traditional cardio and in half the time. Bursting consists of 20 seconds of exercise immediately followed by 20 seconds of rest. A typical burst training session will last 15 minutes and consist of 4 exercises and 5 rounds of each. Click here to watch/follow a MamaBurst™ training video where I take you through an entire burst session!

Question: “Have you had any experience with women who have had multiple c-sections & losing belly fat/strengthening lower abdominal muscles? I am curious because I just feel as if my stomach, especially my lower abdominal area, is very flabby. When I try to concentrate on contracting my muscles it is very difficult. Any suggestions?”

My Answer:

Keep contracting and keep focusing! You cannot spot train certain areas so you will not be able to JUST take body fat off of your stomach, it has to come off your body globally. Some of us hold more body fat in certain areas based on genetics. The good thing is that our body is regenerating itself every single day and with good nutrition the skin around your stomach area will regenerate faster. Keep focusing on on diet and training and it will come…it just takes time when you have had a c-section.

Question: “What are the basic, nutritious, go-to foods that I should always keep on hand?”

My Answer:

The top 10 that I always carry with me are: 1. Unsalted mixed nuts, 2. Bananas/apples with almond butter, 3. Carrots, snap peas, hummus, 4. Shaklee Meal Bars, 5. Hard Boiled Eggs, 6. Banana Chips, 7. Kale Chips, 8. Ezekiel Bread, 9. Clean and lean lunch meats (Applegate Farms is a good one), 10. Shaklee Cinch Shakes. Some of this stuff may require a cooler. Pack a cooler the night before and throw it in your car on the way out of the house! While you are making your kids lunch, make your own as well!

Question: “What are your thoughts on Body By Vi?”

My Answer:

I never like to say anything bad about any other companies, but I had an opportunity to partner with them, and I did not. Despite the great marketing they do and the “natural” supplements they sell, I have many objections with the line.

1. In no way, shape, or form is it natural. Most products contain sucralose, or chlorinated bleach which is against my holistic approach.
2. The program is geared for 90 days, and after 90 days there is not much else to taper back on besides another 90 day program. A program with more longevity is key to keeping off weight. From my experiences in talking to people who have done the challenge, much of the weight is regained once back on a regular diet…that is also dependent upon the individual.
Overall, it is better than fast food, processed food with artificial ingredients, and will allow you to lose weight. But in terms of a supplemental approach it is my belief that supplements should be used in a more holistic manner free of artificial ingredients. If you want to check out some supplements that are in-line with my philosophy, check out this link ==> Shaklee Natural Supplements
Question: “When I go out of town what is the best way to get my workouts in?”
My Answer:
There is no question that when you break your daily routine it is tough to get your workout in. That is why I created the MamaBurst online program. This is a burst training program built for busy mothers. With 15 minute workouts that can be done anywhere with no need for equipment it becomes a little bit easier to get an effective workout in! Click here to check out the free online burst training program for moms, MamaBurst­™.


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