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10 Tips for Feeling Happier and Healthier at Home

January 16, 2018


Haley Twist

This time of year is all about feeling renewed, refreshed, and reenergized. We know you’re on track to prioritizing your health and fitness this year, in addition to making strides in your career but you don’t always have to focus on the big items in your life! Here are some small, easy, and effective ways to feel healthier and happier at home, this year.

1. Deep clean your home

Even if it feels like you spend nearly all your free time cleaning, dedicate one day to giving your home the deep clean it deserves! You’ll probably feel more relaxed after you do it, and then it becomes one less thing you have to worry about over the next few months!

2. Take 10 minutes to declutter every day

Dedicate a short ten minutes every day to declutter one part or room of your home. Do the dishes, clean up the toys your kids or pets left out, declutter your desk, or reorganize your coffee table. Staying on top of these little things can lead to you feeling so much more clean, productive, and relaxed at home!

3. Set aside one hour to clean out your phone

Did you download an app last year that you haven’t touched since? Are you subscribed to ten podcasts but only find yourself listening to two on a regular basis? And when is the last time you backed up all your photos on your computer? Set aside one hour to completely clean out your phone. Not only will your phone have more storage, but chances are you’ll feel less cluttered.

4. …And another hour to clean out your computer

We know that cleaning out your computer can feel like a daunting task, but trust us–it needs to be done! Spend some time backing up all those family pictures and home videos for safe keeping and organize your desktop. These tiny steps to decluttering your technology can make a huge impact on your life!

5. Unsubscribe from invaluable emails

On any given day, take note of the emails you receive. How many of them actually bring value to your life, how many of them are irrelevant to you, and how many do you delete upon receiving–before ever even opening? Resolve to unsubscribe to anything that truly doesn’t help you in some way, and you’ll find yourself immediately feeling more organized.

6. Take inventory of your closet and donate what you don’t wear

As parents, working professionals, and consistent exercisers, we tend to accumulate a lot of clothing, don’t we? Spend some time looking through your closet and set aside anything you haven’t worn in the last three months. If something is seasonal and you know you’ll wear it later in the year, keep it. If not and you simply never wear it, donate it. You’re helping someone else out while also getting rid of clutter you truly don’t benefit from.

7. …Do the same for your pantry

When was the last time you looked through your pantry? Do you have expired food, food you’ll never eat, or unhealthy food taking up space? Throw away what’s no longer good and donate what is! There’s no use in keep things around that you’ll never eat, and what better time to do so than when you’re “raising your bar” and dropping your sugar?!

8. Try journaling

At Burn Boot Camp we know your life is extremely busy and probably feels like a constant balancing act. While working out can help tremendously to ease your stress and anxiety, try journaling if your life still feels unbalanced! Whether you’re writing about your day, listing the things you need to do tomorrow, or simply documenting a few reflections, spending time each day to journal is a great stress reliever and can help you stay organized!

9. Meditate every day

Set aside five to ten minutes every day to meditate. This can even be in bed, immediately upon waking, on your lunch break when you have a few minutes of quiet, or while you’re in the car waiting to pick your children up from school. Close your eyes and aim to feel calm, relaxed, and ready to take on the rest of your day!

10. Spend money on experiences

Just as you might tend to accumulate large amounts of clothing, you might be the same way with other things in life. In 2018 think less about spending your money on things, whether it be clothing, technology, or furniture, and think more about how you can save money to be spent on experiences instead. The money you save from spending less on physical objects can be put towards family vacations or an outing with your spouse!

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