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10 Tips for Committing to Raise The Bar

January 2, 2018


Haley Twist

It’s 2018, Burn Nation, and Raise the Bar 2.0 has officially begun!

You’ve made it through the holiday season—a time that tempts you to skip your workout, stay home on the couch, and indulge in all things sweet. Now it’s time to kick those bad habits to the curb and prioritize your health, fitness, energy, and nutrition; which is why you’ve signed up for Raise the Bar!

All that’s left to do is commit. Commit to showing up for yourself, to working hard to reach your personal records, and to jumping for joy as you watch yourself gain strength and reach your goals! We know it can be difficult to stick to a fitness challenge, but giving it your all every day is vital in seeing the results you’re striving for.

To help you over the next six weeks, we’ve mapped out 10 key tips that will guide you in fully committing to raising your bar and conquering every single challenge that stands in your way!

1. Do it for YOU

Remember that you are doing this for no one else but YOURSELF. We know you spend most of your time juggling the needs of everyone around you—your kids, your spouse, your job, and so many other responsibilities and obligations. By signing up for Raise The Bar, you’ve made the decision to carve out time each day for your own health and fitness, and that is incredibly important. If you feel like quitting, remember that you’re committed to yourself, and that you owe it to yourself to give it 100%. In fact, because of the dedication you’ll exude during this challenge, we can bet you’ll become an even better parent, spouse or person!

2. Bring a friend

Many people find that it’s easier to stick to a fitness challenge when they conquer it with a friend by their side. Working out with a buddy can hold you accountable and boost your motivation. Invite a friend to camp or make a pact with a Burn Sister and promise to share your progress with each other at the end of every week.

3. Make it a habit

Just like anything else that you do on a regular basis, working out should become a habit. It should become such a permanent routine in your daily life that leaves you with no room for excuses. Even if you’re just starting out with Burn or you’re new to exercise in general, trust us when we say that if you dread working out at first, once you commit your mindset WILL change. We like to say that once you start seeing results, working out and feeling healthy becomes an addition!

4. Focus on the present

One of the best ways to commit to Raise the Bar is to take the days one at a time. Only think about today, and deal with tomorrow when it comes. When you walk into camp or start your at-home workout, narrow your focus to conquering that one day, that one hour, and that one workout. Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed by thinking about how you’ll get through the next six weeks. Take it one day at a time and see your results soar!

5. Set realistic goals…and write them down

During the first week of Raise the Bar, think about everything you’d like to accomplish. Envision your goals for personal exercise records, nutrition and sugar intake, weight loss, muscle gain, energy levels, or anything else you’d like to see happen as a result of the challenge, then write them down. Whether in a journal or even in a simple note on your phone, write them out and keep them somewhere that you can access often. It will help you remember why you’re working so hard!

6. Track your progress

After you’ve written down your goals, make sure to also write down your progress! Schedule focus meetings with your trainer and record your measurements, nutrition wins, and your personal records, of course! Tracking yourself as you get closer to achieving your goals can be the motivation you never knew you needed!

7. Share your goals and progress on social media

We have urged all our members to share their Raise the Bar progress on social media throughout the next six weeks with the hashtag #ImRaisingMyBar! Don’t be afraid to be bold and share your fitness goals on social media. By putting them out there, you can help hold yourself accountable, and it also allows you to support all your Burn Sisters on their own fitness journeys! Additionally, if you track your progress on social media as you go, whether sharing your measurements or sharing pictures, you’ll have an amazing record of your progress at the end of the challenge! You’ll love looking back to see how far you’ve come in only six weeks!

8. Buy new workout gear

It might sound silly, but who agrees that putting on a brand new workout outfit makes it so much easier to get out the door and exercise?! If you agree, treat yourself! If you’re feeling unmotivated, buy some new gear that will boost your excitement to work out. (Don’t forget to pick up a Raise the Bar shirt from your local Burn!)

9. Meal prep

Trust us, when tackling a fitness challenge and aiming to significantly lower your sugar intake over the next six weeks, meal prepping can be your best friend! Dedicating a few hours every weekend to preparing your meals ahead of time not only saves you tons of time in the week ahead but also decreases your chances of reaching for something unhealthy or high in sugar. If you already have a healthy meal in your fridge ready to go, you’re a lot less likely to eat out or grab sugary snacks. (And if you do have that pesky craving for sugar, try one of our low/no sugar recipes found in your Raise the Bar challenge packet!)

10. Prepare the night before

This simple tip can work wonders for your workout motivation. Grab your exercise gear the night before and place them somewhere you’ll easily see the next morning. Just having your clothes and shoes already picked out for you makes it easier to grab them and go, and cuts down on your excuses!

We hope these tips will help you to dominate Raise the Bar! If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! Visit our website to learn more about the challenge and how it will put you in control of your health and fitness in 2018!

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