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What It Takes

What It Takes

September 10, 2017

I’m going to tell you something you may not be ready to hear… The exceptional level of fitness, health, and vitality that you are working for, pushing for and striving for each and every day at camp? It takes HARD WORK to get there. I know what you’re thinking…  “Great E, way to motivate meWhy are you going to tell me that it’s hard? ” 

In order to reach a level of fitness and health that you’ve never had before, you need to condition yourself to understand that it will NOT be easy. This is something I’ve been working on over the last few weeks, preparing for our Burn Athlete photo shoot.

Don’t expect tasks like this to be simple. On the flip side, I do have GOOD NEWS I’d like to share with you. The road is not complex, but it is long, and if you’re unprepared it will test you in every way imaginable. Understanding there are three powerful assets we possess at ALL times is critical in your endeavor. If you harness these correctly, it will make reaching your goals simply a matter of time.

Asset #1 – FOCUS: The most powerful amplifier of our energy

The path to our fitness goals is long, uneventful and isolated. I prefer to envision the path to my own highest aspirations as a vast desert. Desolate, arid, uninviting and lacking refuge from the unrelenting beating of the sun. How do we maneuver to cross this desert?

We can reach our goals if we shift our focus to our feet, our own steps, our own journey and the distance we MUST go to achieve those goals. It will be all too easy to quit. If we focus on the days we slough along aimlessly across this land searching for solace we will be DISCOURAGED, BEATDOWN, and eventually DEFEATED.

Focus must be harnessed the way that it was intended.  Instead of thinking: How far do I have to go in order to reach my goals? Let your feet be lightened by your vision. Ask yourself this perspective shifting question: What’s it going to look like when I arrive at my goal?  This is the most evocative question that you can ask yourself.

Will there be a sumptuous oasis, replete with the freshest drinking water available and adorned with exotic foliage? A cool shady spot that allows you respite from your journey. If you let yourself instead be consumed by these thoughts then you cannot help but to be successful in achieving your goals and EVEN excited at the prospect of what it takes. The same thinking can be applied to your fitness goals and aspirations. Try to imagine yourself victorious, enjoying incredible health, boundless energy and a healthy physique. What would you do? How would you act? What things would you take on? This type of thinking breeds energy and springs us into action!

Asset #2 –  FEAR: A powerful energy source

 So you ask me what does it take? What does it take to chisel down to under 8% bodyfat for our Burn Athlete photo shoot. When I first took this on last year before my first Burn Athlete I knew it would require tremendous sacrifice. I knew I’d have to befriend discomfort and dance with pain. I knew I would have to grapple with the fear of NOT SUCCEEDING. I learned a huge lesson last year in doing this competition. I learned that FEAR can be one of our most powerful sources of energy to tap into. So I ask you now, why are you letting FEAR take a hold of you? Try this: Instead of letting FEAR control you, put yourself in the driver seat and take FEAR along for the ride.  I battle with fear, as I imagine most of us do, daily.

My fear of not making it, my fear of being good enough, my fear of not having prepared enough, my fear of not making a difference or accomplishing what I set out to do! Putting these fears to the side I was able to recognize that they have their place and I should keep them close in order to reach new levels. If we never take that solemn step outside of what we know we will never experience what CAN BE!

Asset #3 – Discipline

When it comes to discipline, I’m not saying you’ll need to focus on a singular object for days at a time to succeed in your goals, but each and every day presents us with an opportunity to practice.

Lifestyle is important and allowing yourself the occasional indulgence is good for your spirit, but the reason we enjoy the indulgence comes when we observe true discipline. Try building your discipline daily. Every decision we make is an opportunity to practice discipline.

Do you have an assignment to do but want to blow it off because your friends are hitting the beach?  Are you inundated at your job but find yourself scrolling through Facebook seeking distraction? Do you find yourself wanting to hit snooze when you TOLD yourself this was the week you would come to 5:30 AM camp every day?! Take small decisions and STICK to them!

Whether its work, relationships or fitness, every decision matters, no matter how small. Over time you’ll create a HABIT of honoring your commitments even when you don’t want to or don’t “feel” like it. Over time you will create integrity within yourself that allows you the confidence to know when you make a decision you will see it completed. This my friends is called discipline and is a powerful asset on the path to fitness!

 I’ve got a secret to share with you! Nobody is going to hand this to you. There will be no magical awakening where suddenly appear with the abs, legs or overall health that you’ve always wanted. No one can do this for YOU!  It must come from you! Nobody is going to hold your hand and whisper “wake up!” –  you’ve got to cultivate that from within.

Seek to build the trust within yourself so that when it comes down to it you will leverage the 3 assets we’ve covered here today to start building the life, level of health, and the future that you’ve dreamed of!

3 responses to “What It Takes”

  1. Well written motivational article Emmitt. Burn Athlete! How exciting 😀 Graduations & Good luck on photo shoot!

  2. Wow! Great article. Discipline is where I struggle. Most days are fine, but when the stress of work, home, and life get overwhelming i tend to slip. And “slipping” for me looks like chips, ice cream, chocolate….then i feel awful and tend to eat more. It takes a good Burn workout to get me back on track. Thank you for the reminder to stay focused and results will come.