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22 Workouts Just For You

You don’t need a gym, you don’t need equipment, and all you need is a little intrinsic motivation and internet connection! I originally sold this program for $49.99 online and sold over 500 of them, so you know the workouts are great. With 15-25 minute sessions, all 22 of these body weight routines are guaranteed to shred fat and boost confidence.

Now there is ZERO excuse to not exercise!

Don’t have enough time? What if I told you that these routines could take up about 1% of your day…still no time? Statistics tell us that the average person uses Facebook for an hour per day. Set down the phone and stand on your feet!

Don’t have enough money? Well, no excuses can be made here, it’s free y’all!

Can’t get to the gym? Good thing your body is your barbell! All you need is a good ole’ living room floor to get a killer workout in.

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