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5 Benefits of Developing a Strong Fitness Community

March 22, 2018


Sean Barcellona

Have you ever had one of those days where the last thing you want to do is work out? Maybe you’re tired, you’re stressed about work or things going on at home, and you just want to flop down onto your couch and relax.

We often try to talk ourselves out of exercising, internally justifying the decision and even negotiating with ourselves in some way to skip the gym, pass on that yoga class, or avoid going outside for a run.

Now, have you ever been in that same situation, but had a friend say, “Nope! We’re not taking today off, let’s go to the gym!” In the back of your mind you might be complaining, but you reluctantly peel yourself off the couch and go crush that workout.

Before you know it you feel a rush of endorphins, a smile spreads across your face, and you leave feeling energized and appreciative of the encouragement that got you there. That is one of the many reasons why having a supportive community around you is important and can help you accomplish your goals!

Whether your closest network of supporters is made up of family members, friends, or colleagues, having a support system is valuable when trying to make changes for your health and physical fitness.

As a Burn Trainer, I think fostering a supportive community around you is vital for a healthy, happy life! Here are my top 5 reasons why:

1. Support

We’ve all had times in our lives where things aren’t going the way we want them too. When we fall down, it’s easy to realize that we can’t always get back up on our own.

Sometimes we need our support systems to show us that we’re not alone in the challenge we’re facing and to remind us that we have a supportive group of people who may be experiencing the same journey we’re on. For example, the community we’ve built at Burn Boot Camp has gotten many of my clients through tough times in their lives!

2. Motivation

Finding motivation everyday can be a tough task, especially when going at it alone. It’s inevitable that we’ll wake up some days not feeling like doing anything and needing help to find the motivation to push ourselves.

Have you ever been having a terrible day when a friend comes by, gives you a compliment, and your mindset completely changes? Words of encouragement can go a long way and you never know the impact they will have on the people around you!

3. Accountability

Everyone needs someone to hold them accountable. Whether it means not skipping out on those last couple reps at the gym, choosing the healthier option when out to eat with friends, or pushing through a tough workout when you feel like you have nothing left in the tank, your community is there to push you past your own limitations.

Surround yourself with people that are going to bring the best out in you, and this will push you to make positive choices in your life!

4. Energy

Energy is contagious. When someone comes up to you with a big smile and a high five, it’s nearly impossible to hold back your own smile and reciprocate! When that energy is magnified by an entire group of people, it becomes even more infectious.

If you go to the gym by yourself and do the same old routine, it’s difficult to find energy every day. Instead, working out with others in a supportive environment can bring out a positive attitude and give you the energy you need to crush your workout… even on those days when your mind tells you that you can’t!

5. Inspiration

You may be thinking, “I’m just an average person, who am I going to inspire?” Well, inspiration can come from anyone! Watching someone accomplish something you thought was impossible will expand your perceived limits. It will open your eyes to new possibilities you never thought you were capable of.

Remember, you never know who you’re inspiring! Challenges are relative to every individual, but when you overcome adversity, push yourself outside your comfort zone, and refuse to give up when things get tough, you can inspire anyone regardless of your fitness level. “You don’t inspire others by being perfect. You inspire them by how you handle your imperfections.”

Are you chasing a goal that you haven’t been able to achieve, working out for the first time in over a year, or struggling to motivate yourself? If you are, I encourage you to find a support system that will help you grow, that will push you to the next level, that will have your back when things get tough, and that will be there to celebrate all of your achievements with you as you progress through your fitness journey.

Accomplishing your goal can be an intimidating task, but I can guarantee it’s much easier to do with a community supporting you every step of the way.

Sean Barcellona is a trainer at Burn Boot Camp Cornelius (North Carolina) as well as a Burn HQ employee. He began his journey with Burn in 2017 and is the man behind the daily protocol, continually creating unique workouts for all Burn Boot Camp locations across the nation. He is passionate about hiking, exercise, and spending time with his wife, Lindy, who also works at HQ.

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