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5 Ways to Raise The Bar in Your Relationships

January 30, 2018


Cody Burns

2018 is upon us, which means the typical “New Year, new me” mantra starts echoing around you. How about “New Year, BETTER me”? And aiming to get better physically, mentally, emotionally?

Let’s talk about how we can “raise the bar” in our relationships! Check out these five tips about how to make your relationships with those who surround you stronger and better this year.

1. Be selfish and focus on YOU.

Sounds pretty crazy right? You’re probably asking yourself, “How can I improve my relationships by focusing on just myself?”

Growing up many of us were taught that being “selfish” by putting ourselves first shouldn’t be our primary priority. So it becomes natural to put your career, your spouse, your kids, and your daily responsibilities all before you. Everyone else’s needs must be met before you can focus on making yourself happy, right?

Let’s ditch that thought! I’m not saying you need to forget about your career or family. But let’s carve out some YOU time. Whether that’s a 45-minute workout with your Burn sisters or going for a nice, relaxing walk to clear your head, find ways to make it happen! The positive energy that you gain from this will be contagious and spread to all your loved ones.

So the next time you begin scheduling your week or month, be sure to add in your YOU time. Treat it just like you would a business meeting or children’s’ activity that you’d never miss–it’s THAT important!

2. Be emotionally fit.

Have you ever had a rough day at work and unintentionally took it out on your family or friends? Let’s be honest, this even happens to the best of us.

Create a mindset of leaving everything at the door. Some days, this is so much easier said than done. When this happens, sit in your car, think about an answer to your unanswered solution, be grateful for what you DO have, and focus on being positive with whatever you have coming next in your day! A little bit of gratitude goes a LONG way in getting our day and ourselves back on the right track.

3. Understand the value of time.

As the Josh Turner country song goes, “time is love.” Time is the most valuable thing on Earth, so don’t waste it! Especially with your loved ones.

One question you should ask yourself is, “What if this was the last time I’d ever see this person…what type of impact would I leave on them?” This may sound a bit extreme, but it creates a sense of urgency and makes your time feel priceless!

4. Don’t just hear—listen.

When your family members, coworkers, or friends are talking to you, are you truly listening to them or are you just hearing them while you continue to work or scroll through social media?

Do your relationships a favor and unplug when they need you! When a friend or loved one is talking to you, forget about the outside world for five minutes, make eye contact, and listen to what they have to say. It’ll make a world of difference for the effectiveness of the communication in your relationships.

5. Appreciate those around you, and make it well known.

Take five seconds out of your hectic day to say two powerful words…”thank you.”

It’s so easy to go through the motions of life and take those little things others do for us for granted.  Show your gratefulness for them every day and they will do the same for you. Whether you and your team at work just hit your goals or your spouse brought you lunch at work just to brighten your day, show that gratefulness and the cohesiveness will soon follow!


Cody Burns is the Head Trainer of Burn Boot Camp Verona in Madison, Wisconsin. His life as a trainer started four years ago once he came home from the military and wanted to impact as many lives as possible. Today he is at the helm of an amazing team, paving the way to changing lives one camp at a time in the Madison area. For mindset and exercise advice, check out his Instagram account!

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