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5 Golden Rules to Nutrition

November 1, 2016

We All Slip Up Sometimes.

If ANYONE knows how difficult it is to constantly eat a clean diet, it is me! As you may know, I have the pleasure of instructing the most motivated people in the world and sometimes my nutritional motivation suffers. So, I am going to let you in on a little secret. I have the sweetest sweet tooth you could possibly imagine. Every time I see a chocolate chip cookie my will power kicks in to over drive!

I tell you that to tell you this, you are not alone. Ultimately, Everyone has urges and everyone gives into those urges. Overall, it is the kind of habits you practice 98% of the time that truly matter. So here is a list of 5 nutritional rules to live by that will help you practice healthy habits the critical 98% of the time.

1. The Half Plate Rule – 1/2 your plate consists of veggies and fruits and the other half is split between 1/4 healthy carbs and 1/4 lean protein.

2. 5 ingredients or less – Check your nutrition labels for ingredients. If your food has 5 ingredients or less you are definitely good to go!

3. Calories to Fat Calories Deficit – Look at not only the calories but more importantly calories from fat on the nutritional information label. If you can consistently eat foods that have a difference of 100 between the two numbers those food choices are very healthy.

4. 6 inch plates – Most of us were brought up to clean our plate. If you have a giant 10″ plate you are more likely to demolish every bit of food on it. But if you clean a 6″ inch plate you are still satisfying that habit while taking in half of the amount of calories.

5. Forks down rule – Put your fork down between every bite, chew the food completely, swallow, and then take another bite. Eating slower will allow your nervous system to tell your brain when truly have had enough to eat. If you eat too fast your nervous system lags behind!

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