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6 Tricks to Fire Up Body Fat Loss

October 26, 2017

We can probably all agree that eating healthy is a challenge. Especially when we can have food delivered to our doorstep and have easy access to fast, inexpensive options on-the-go.

Don’t take the easy way out! In order for our bodies to shred unwanted body fat, they need the right kinds of fuel! Below you’ll find my 6 easy tricks to get you in the groove of making healthy choices, without thinking twice!

1. Replace All Cooking Oils with Coconut Oil

The omegas in olive oil are great when served cold, but as soon as you apply enough heat, the fats denature. Just as with any cooked food, heat can damage or alter the nutrients. However, coconut oil has a high boiling point and and will turn your body into a fat burning machine! Do not be scared of good fats. Ironically, sugar is actually what turns into unhealthy fat within your body. I like to tell all of my clients to make you’re body omega positive and you’ll feel better, burn fat faster, and reduce inflammation.

2. Switch From Your Current Bread to Ezekiel Bread

“Whole grain” or “whole wheat” bread is not what it claims to be, and it is also highly processed. Anytime you see “enriched wheat flour” or “blanched wheat flour,” run the other direction quickly! My go-to is 100% sprouted whole grain ezekiel bread with live enzymes to support bodily functions. In my opinion, this is the best bread you can eat to fuel your body. My favorite kind is cinnamon raisin. Although it has a few grams of sugar, it will keep you feeling full and satisfied!

3. Drink 24 Oz of Water Upon Awakening

Water is your body’s best friend! Start every morning with 24 oz of spring water to flush out your system. At first this will seem like a lot of water, but you will get used to it. Tip: If you really want to rev up your metabolism, throw in a pinch of cayenne pepper and enjoy!

4. Trade In Your Splenda for Stevia

Studies suggest that Splenda is correlated with heart disease and cancer. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS! It’s essentially fake sugar and found in products like Diet Coke. If Stevia is available, make the switch! Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from plants that is perfectly healthy (when sourced correctly). I’ve watched clients make this switch and their body fat started to fall right off!

5. Lean and Green For Dinner

Eating heavy starches at night can often hinder weight loss efforts. To promote muscle, fill up on a protein-packed dinner with your favorite veggies on the side. It is perfectly okay to cook these veggies in coconut or grapeseed oil with any spice you choose!

6. Drink Almond or Coconut Milk instead of Skim Milk

Skim milk is another one of those marketing scams. Though all fat is extracted from skim milk, it is replaced with unhealthy fillers. Try substituting it for almond or coconut milk! Almond milk in particular is delicious and has twice as much calcium as cow’s milk. Chocolate almond milk is also a great substitute that even your kids will love! Tip: To make up for that extra protein you might be missing by eliminating cow’s milk, make an Afterburn shake with almond milk!

I hope these tricks are some easy ways to get yourself thinking about the food choices you make, what you’re really putting into your body, and healthier alternatives. Practice these options on a daily basis and watch your body fat fall off!

16 responses to “6 Tricks to Fire Up Body Fat Loss”

  1. I am doing all of that and nothing maybe I am just too old. I have a back problem but still getting a good work out

  2. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your emails! I started eating to my blood type and I see the amazing difference with the boot burn regiment!

  3. Good afternoon. I emailed a year ago about your program and then ruptured my ACL and MCL. I did not get a chance to visit or try your program. I am cleared to work out again and would like information. I entered info on your website but have no heard back from anyone

  4. Awesome Devin I’ll definitely do these things. Have a safe trip!

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  6. Those tips just made my day! Very informative, Thank You Devine!

  7. Those are all great suggestions! We have used Stevia only for a few years now. We also use coconut oil most of the time. Still working on drinking enough water and liking Ezekiel bread!!

  8. Great great tips.. funny enough I am a beach body coach and they had said the same tips for me to share .. I don’t do the coaching anymore but when tips align it’s always nice.. hopingnyou have a great day!
    My goal is to get my husband and I there! We will be there soon. We are training for a half marathon in 25days. But can’t wait to check it out

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