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All Things Nutrition

June 15, 2016

All Things Nutrition

Nutrition is a BIG part in reaching goals and staying healthy!

Boot Camp Creedmoor trainer, Scott Tobin and Burn Boot Camp Millbrook trainer, Lindsay Gilbert talk all things nutrition to help us understand our body and how it coincides with our fitness routine.

 The Facts

Scott zeroes in on Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), caloric intake and caloric burn. Understanding these keys to nutrition will help make your fitness journey more successful!

Lindsay makes sure to educate us on Burn Nutrition. Ignite, Burn Boot Camp’s exclusive pre-workout is all-natural, made with matcha powder and is sure help you power up your next workout!

For your post workout regimen, Afterburn, Burn Boot Camp’s exclusive protein powder will help refuel those muscles. Afterburn is completely clean, and Lindsay even says that “90% of other protein powders out there are not this clean.”

Next time you’re at camp, be sure to ask your trainers about Burn Nutrition and talk to them about your own nutritional goals!


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