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Resistance Band Workout For Travel

August 29, 2016

Never Travel Empty-Handed

As you leave in a hurry for vacation or a business trip, you might be feeling unprepared to hit your workouts. As a result, you might be tempted to skip exercising. Luckily,  Resistance Bands are a great piece of equipment to keep you active on-the-go!

We love bands at Burn Boot Camp. Not only are bands great for workouts inside and outside of camp, but they are also light and easy to carry in a bag. Whether your flying or driving a full car, they’re small enough to slip in a bag without hassle.

Christen Jackson, Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp Mount Juliet, shows us some moves to blast Biceps, Back and Booty. If you are wanting to target any and all muscle groups, bands are the way to go!

The Workout

The workout Christen demonstrates includes Mock Pull-Ups using the door, floor exercises like Lunges to target Glutes, and Band Curls to engage Biceps. Even without weights, you can Mod-Up by using the various colors of difficulty.

Keep your vacation fun-filled and active, so bring your bands!


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