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Burnin’ with a Baby Bump

September 18, 2017

You just received the AMAZING news… you’re going to be a mommy! This may not be your first pregnancy, but you are sure to be flooded with new information on what you should or shouldn’t be doing during the next nine months! It is hard to wrap your head around it all, making it easier to do nothing out of the ordinary, like exercising!

It is common to hear that exercising during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, but for a normal pregnancy that is not the case! The reality is that exercise DURING pregnancy can have awesome benefits for both YOU and BABY!

However, you should always consult with your physician before starting exercise, to ensure that is is safe for yourself and your child. 

Once you are a ‘GO’ for exercise, your Burn Trainer is prepared to help keep you safe while giving you a great workout! Exercise during pregnancy is NOT about weight loss, but it will likely help you lose weight after delivery. What can ‘Burnin’ with a Baby Bump’ do for you?


Exercise during Pregnancy Prevents Swollen Ankles, Varicose Veins, Hemorrhoids and Digestive Complications

It will be no surprise to know that exercise will increase your heartrate which improves blood circulation throughout the body! This helps the body get necessary blood flow to areas of the body further from the heart (i.e. legs, ankles, and colon) that become neglected because, like the fact that you will do ANYTHING for your child, so will your body! The fetus gets the important blood and nutrients first while, without optimal circulation, other body parts receive less.

Prevents Back Pain

As the beautiful baby bump grows, your back muscles sometimes can’t keep up, causing annoying back pain. With exercise, you help to strengthen those important back muscles that support your posture, which leads to significantly less back pain! How great is that!?

Increase Energy

It is very common for pregnancy to lead you to feeling less energetic! With an improved cardiovascular system, better blood circulation, and increased strength, exercise requires less effort. This means MORE energy for other things you want to do in your day!

Better Sleep

Exercise can help burn off excess energy that may keep you up later, usually causing tossing and turning throughout the night. If it is not 3 hours before you go to bed, exercise aids in efficient hormone regulation, leading to a more restful, deeper sleep!

Improved Labor

While exercise typically doesn’t make labor less painful, it does help prepare you for labor! Your increased endurance and strength from exercise has been shown to aid women in managing pain and decreasing exhaustion. Women who exercise during pregnancy also tend to have fewer medical interventions along with a quicker labor duration!

Healthier Fetus

According to study published in PM&R Journal, women who exercise regularly during pregnancy carried a healthier fetus! The found lower resting heart rate, increased amniotic fluid, and even an indication of protection against preeclampsia. Remember that there are still limitations with exercising while pregnant, especially with exercise intensity!

To learn more about exercising while pregnant, get some advice from Burn Co-Founder Morgan Kline on BurnTV with the DO and DON’T pregnancy exercises!

The #1 goal is to protect both YOU and BABY while enhancing the health of both! With a proper exercise regimen and Burn Boot Camp’s expert training, we will help make BEASTS out the both you, TOGETHER!


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  1. Thanks Jeff! I needed this right now! Tomorrow is 12 weeks! 🙂 – Burn Fort Mill, SC Client