October Trainer of the Month: Cam Fields - Burn Boot Camp
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October Trainer of the Month: Cam Fields

October 15, 2017

Happy Abtober! In cities all across Burn Nation, our Burn Boot Camp trainers work hard every day to strengthen cores and strengthen communities. We like to dedicate time every month to recognize our trainers’ efforts and acknowledge their hard work!

This month we’re recognizing Cam Fields, Head Trainer of Burn Boot Camp Louisville, KY! Check out some of the things that make Cam such a strong Burn Trainer!

Burn Trainer

Cam Fields


Louisville, KY

How long have you been a Burn trainer?

10 months

How did you learn about Burn?

I was looking for a job where I could influence a large community and be able to fully support my family while doing it. Because of this want/need I began searching online for training jobs and came across Burn. I looked it up on YouTube and instantly fell in love with the idea and quickly sent in my application. I am lucky that there happened to be one opening here in Louisville at the time.

Favorite burst training workout?

Sprint 100 yards… 15 full burpees. Sprint 100 yards… 14 full burpees. Try to beat my time whenever I do this one!

What’s your go-to workout routine?

Any type of routine that involves pull ups and muscle ups is a routine for me. They are both difficult moves that I really enjoy training because they never seem to get any easier!

What’s your favorite workout song?

Hold Strong- Rob Bailey (Lost Soul mix)

What’s your favorite healthy meal?

Protein pancakes/muffins

One piece of workout equipment you couldn’t live without?

Pull up bar

What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

There is favor in famine: It isn’t all the good stuff that makes you. It’s all the horrible stuff, and how you handle it, that really shows what you have inside. -TD Jakes

What’s your favorite cardio workout?

Anything short in duration. I’ll take 100 burpees over running 3 miles any day.

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  1. So proud of you Son!! You continue to amaze me everyday by simply being the awesome Christian husband, father, and supporter of your beautiful family! You have exceeded all my hopes and dreams of the man I always knew youd be someday. I love you! Mom