Client of the Month: Caroline Norris - Burn Boot Camp
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Caroline Norris

Client of the Month: Caroline Norris

April 26, 2017

Caroline wanted to hit the reset button, and that’s exactly what she got by joining Burn Boot Camp! Only half a year into the process and she’s already down 20 LBS!

It was time for a reset! I think my story starts off like most; I was eating too much, not exercising enough, staying too busy with my children… the typical things that keep us all too busy to focus on
ourselves. I started at Burn three years ago, exactly one year after my first child was born, and I honestly haven’t looked back since. I immediately fell in love with the challenging workouts, positive atmosphere, motivating trainers, and the friendships and sense of community that I felt while here. Burn is the first thing I do everyday; getting out of bed, going straight to camp, and starting my day with a positive attitude and the energy that I need to carry me throughout my day. It is amazing to me that the days that I miss Burn are the days that I actually feel more tired.

About 6 months ago, I realized that I seemed to be missing a part of the equation to see the changes in my body that I wanted. I had the exercise part down… I was coming to camp 4-5 days a week, but my body seemed to have hit a bit of a plateau. I met with my trainer (Devan), and he and I talked about where I was, and where I wanted to be. I knew what I needed to do, but after talking to Devan, he helped me shift my mindset from thinking in terms of what I “need” to do to what I “must” do. If I wanted to see change in my body, then I MUST make some changes.

And, I did. I started making small changes in my diet, starting paying more attention to the things that I was putting into my body, and within a few months, I lost ten pounds. The best part though, is that I felt stronger, faster, and leaner. I would like to think this is only the beginning; now I want to lose ten more, I want to hold a plank longer, do more push ups, and continue to push myself to get stronger every day. My favorite part about Burn Boot Camp is the variety of all types of women (and men), at all different ages, in different stages of their lives with different goals.

The thing is, although all of our goals may be different, we are all working to achieve them together. Thank you, Burn for being such a huge part of my journey, and helping me work towards achieving my goals!


Caroline Norris – Burn Boot Camp, Huntersville, NC


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