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Commit 2 Fit

Commit To WHAT?

September 19, 2017

Have you heard the news? Commit 2 Fit is BACK and better than ever before! We are so excited to relaunch our most anticipated Burn Boot Camp fitness challenge, starting April 1st!

Not only will our participants be receiving THIRTY days of camps for only 30 dollars, but they’ll also be getting a wide variety of perks that come along with it! We are thrilled to spread our love of health and fitness throughout the nation, one effortless commitment at a time.

Are you ready to participate? Relax… I promise, it’s going to be really fun! If you have a few questions, don’t worry, we’re going to break it down for you! Here’s the lowdown on what exactly you’re committing to when you participate in Commit 2 Fit…

Commit To : Posting a Before & After Picture.

This does not (by any means) mean you have to stand there in your bikini while someone snaps a photo. We want you to feel comfortable! If you feel comfortable in a bikini, rock it. If not, you can wear whatever makes you feel confident! This is about physical and emotional changes. If you’re joining this challenge to lose weight, great, we want to help. If you’re joining this challenge because you’ve fallen off the health and fitness wagon, we’re here to pick you back up! The purpose of the before and after photos are to help us hold you accountable, and for you to hold yourself accountable. It should be exciting to anticipate the results that you’re going to see at the end of the month! Think of the photo as a teaser for what’s to come. This is only the beginning!

Commit To: Tracking Your Progress.

Many clients feel discouraged when they have to get their weight and inches measured… but don’t let it get you down! You have to start somewhere. Isn’t this exactly WHY you’re here!? You’re here to improve and become the best version of yourself! Don’t let those numbers get in your head, making you feel incapable of conquering them. Let the numbers on the scale motivate you to improve. Inspire yourself and your peers by proving how hard you’re going to work during your 30 days of Commit 2 Fit! The results will come, and your confidence will soar!

Commit To: Holding Yourself Accountable.

Our accountability calendar is the ideal resource to keep you on track during Commit 2 Fit! We’ll suggest fun and simple tasks like checking into camp on Facebook during the week, wearing your Bleed Blue tank on Saturdays for our “Blue Outs” and whipping up Burn Nutrition recipes to share on social media, just to name a few! We encourage all of our clients to come to camp at least 4 times, preferably 6 times a week, during their Commit 2 Fit challenge… which we understand will occasionally feel difficult. That’s why this calendar is here to help you get to camp and commit to putting your fitness and wellness first!

Commit To: Taking Care of Your Body

If you’re coming to camp four to six times a week, getting your heart rate up and pushing yourself at camp, you need to fuel your body. Our 10 Point Nutrition Plan and Grocery Guide is included in our Commit 2 Fit challenge to help you regulate what you’re eating and how you feel. If you want to get stronger and create lasting results, you have to be aware of your diet! While eating clean and staying on track with nutrition is vital in your Burn journey, so is stretching and reviving your muscles. We’re providing all of our Commit 2 Fit participants with a 17 minute stretch routine that will restore your sore muscles and prepare you for camps throughout the entire month! Take care of yourself. Remember, fitness is as much exercise as it is rest and rejuvenation.

Commit To: Having Fun

Our Commit 2 Fit challenge is designed with our clients in mind! We want you to come to camp every day ready to sweat, socialize with your best gals and strive beat your numbers in our weekly challenges! It’s about fitness but it’s also about having fun adopting a healthy lifestyle that will last way beyond this month. As April moves along we look forward to celebrating five years of Burn and five years of bringing women together through a common love of health and fitness – and what better way to do that than Commit 2 Fit!

So now that you’ve heard the breakdown… it’s time to make the commitment! Don’t hesitate. Choose to take care of your health! Choose to put yourself first! Choose to take your fitness to the next level! Are you ready to commit?

7 responses to “Commit To WHAT?”

  1. We are going to be away from the 10 to the 15th. Can my husband and I still do the commit to fit? We would really like to try it out.

    • Hi Ciara! Yes you can most definitely participate in Commit2Fit even if you miss a day or two!

  2. Do I need to sign up for what time i plan to come or can I come to whatever time works for me that day?

    • Hi Melissa! You can come to whatever camps fit into your schedule!

    • Hi Tara! The time frame to join Commit 2 Fit ended at midnight on April 1st, but we’re always offering our FREE 14 day test drive!

  3. I have been to this camp once and I am still speechless, I had a blast. I am definitely returning to get all what the camp has to offer. Cheers to a better me.